Sunday, October 12, 2008


Hi All,

Just finished the write- up for Thunderbird sustainable innovation summit contest. Phew!!!
Really exhausted by the amount of time/ effort/energy I ended up spending on it. I could have been doing a zillion other things but yeah have to be content that I did finish something. 

Part of me wishing that we get selected for the next round (considering the amount of effort I put on this) and part of me wishing "enough is enough". No more work on sustainable development. 

Have to read 7 chapters + 2 cases + 3 sets of lecture slides as pre-reads for tomorrow's lectures. Gosh I would be glad if I complete at least one subject. Few other things are pending as well. Wish I had slept last night, because this is going to be a long night :( (As every other night is at ISB) . Nothing really new, but still hoping I could get back the four days of blissful sleep I caught up on at home during this term break. 

Got to go to wrap Thunderbird document. 

I hope I make frequent posts from now on.


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