Thursday, December 13, 2007

God did the rest...

Hi All,

Long before about 7 yrs ago, there's was this little girl who wanted to make it big in the world. Her only aim was to get admitted into BITS Pilani. She dreamt and worked hard. But fate took a different turn and she failed to get an admit though by a narrow margin and went on to do her engineering from one of the lesser known colleges.

That crushed her confidence and she started setting lower targets for herself. She was scared to dream further and lose out on those precious dreams. She was scared that she will be failure to herself.

Then came the moment. The good people in her life gave her confidence to trudge upon the lesser known road. Even if the road ends in a dead end, the lessons along the road will be valuable. She started to dream again. The old nightmares haunted, but she didn't deter from dreaming on.

She tried her best and left God to do the rest. She took GMAT and got into Indian School of Business after few months of study, a fortnight of application completion, a week of interview preparation and a day of thanks to GOD.

It may not be a big thing to most people, but to her it was the return of her confidence, the triumph of her dreams and the shooing away of evil confidence-crushing shadows. She was able to overcome her fears at last and walk out to the world.

Thank you God for doing the rest. Thanks to all those who supported me. A big big thanks to few special people in my life who made this possible.

An emotional CIAO..


Rachit Chandra said...

Really happy for you. It is a satisfying thing to see someone not scared of dreaming. Dream on!

Vadivel said...

Congrats! This is just the beginning ... all the very best.

Prathiba Venkatesan said...

Thanks Rachit and Thanks Vadivel :)

Vasudevan Deepak Kumar said...


The post has an outline thought like you are glad to enter ISB. But I would say ISB should be proud of having you on thier rolls instead.

BITS is bad. I pity them for thier unfortunate fate of missing a real treasure that came on thier way.

Your hardwork, compassionate attitude to fellow beings, god-fearing attitude would definitely help you secure more laurels in every quarter that you venture upon. There is no doubt in that whatsoever.

You are always a good divine example for anyone to emulate and learn to correct themselves upon either in friendliness or professional attitude. I salute thee!

Prathiba Venkatesan said...

Thank you Deepak, though I doubt whether I am eligible for such high praises from you.
Thank you for mentoring and supporting me in my endeavours. :)

rangasayee said...


divya said...

Dear... I'm happy for you... May ALL your dreams come true... When I say ALL, I really mean ALL... :-)

Prathiba Venkatesan said...

thanks di. i am soooooo happy that you read my blog :) and that ytou commented on this post :)

varun paniyath said...

Congrats yaar.........all the best sure you will do well..