Thursday, October 23, 2008

I am my competitor

Hi All,

No!!! Please don't get the wrong picture. I am not that conceited. Its just that only two teams were selected from ISB for the IIT-Roorkee Samadhan contest. Guess what? - I am part of both the teams. I am competing against myself. :) 

To be honest, I want one team to win more than the other. I really hope the results would turn in the favor of the team I am favoring, even if it means putting in extra hours of work for making that happen I don't care. I might seem partial and I am too - but can't help being so. (At the least I am truthful about it). 

In fact the irony is that, I had contributed more to the other team and had worked harder/longer on the other executive summary. Yet some things can't be explained and this is one such thing that has no rationale behind it. My fate is intertwined with my life. 

Well that makes the total shortlist count so far as 3. Not bad - not bad at all :)

Have to run to class right now. Will make a post sometime later.


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