Monday, October 20, 2008

Study groups and group projects

Hi All,

Making this post on a very happy note. Initially I almost thought of dropping out of "marketing services" course, but really glad that I held on to it, despite my intial apprehensions. 

For many reasons.

1) Professor is really good. It is the only class I attend with zero hours of sleep yet end up being awake for the entire session (exception being Negotiation Analysis class - but well I can't really afford to fall asleep during one-one negotiations, so I am discounting that subject). It might also be due to the fact that I sit in the first row right in front of the professor. Forget all the other reasons I am stating - prof is good. Period. 

2) I hadn't formed a study group till the 11th hour (Literally) as I thought I would drop the course and take some other interesting course.  Other groups were already formed and I thought I would end up being an orphaned child. Sob!!! sob!!! Thank goodness R misunderstood that I wanted to form a group for Business Valuation and replied to my panicky mail. I asked whether he had a empty slot in marketing services and he did. Thank God for that.  I found a group.

3) I really feel comfortable with the group. Be it R/RJ/ J/ K/ M. I feel non-threatened. Surprisingly I feel really valued. Just now J made the statement that he is really glad that I am on the team. :) Of course the fact that R & K reinforced his statement made me feel even better. Only thing is that, I have to live up to their expectations and not let them down. The fact that they trust me makes me so very happy, as it is very difficult to build trust and trust if broken - very difficult to repair. 

4) Feel like really contributing to the group - it is a nice group and as diverse as it can get. Good thing is that we will part ways in a month, so hopefully there'll be fewer chances for any disputes to arise.

5) J and R said they'll want to form teams with me in any other course that I am undertaking.
After the last week's episode I guess this is the best-est thing that could have happened to me. Still doesn't change a lot of things (infact changes nothing) about what I want/ need in life. But as I have always maintained "kutti" things in life, make or mar my happiness. 

6) Hmmm really thinking whether I should write a sixth point. 

So thats it for now folks. hope to see you all again real soon. 

Till we meet next. 


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