Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Maanasa Sancharare

Hi All,

Recently I started listening to perumal songs, its been really long since I listened to/ learnt any "perumal" songs, and the change is really welcome. 

Few of the songs I keep listening to everyday(thanks to youtube)
Shri Venteswara Suprabatham
Shri Ganesh Suprabatham
Baja Govindham
Maanasa Sancharare
Sriman Narayana
Kurai ondrum illai by MS Subbulakshmi amma - she's really great.
Vara leela gana lola - I learnt this song while at school, I was trying to remember it for really long, the only part I remembered about it was that it is a beautiful song by Unni Krishnan. 

Suddenly at 5 AM in the morning remembered the name of the song - immediately googled and found the link in youtube.com. Felt really happy as this song was eluding me for quite sometime now. The world seems a happier place to live in when the answer to something that has been eluding one for so long suddenly pops in to the head. Literally amazing feeling. 

Work's as usual at ISB. Ever since elective terms started feeling little lost. Don't have the familiarity of the class, comfort of the people whom I know and worse have to form groups in every elective that I am taking. It is a really difficult task and thank goodness I found groups in three of the four subjects that I am taking. I am not sure about the fourth, will have to wait and watch. Leaving it to God as he knows best what to do and what not to do. I am just doing my duty which is what is essential. 

Missing amma, prabhu, prasan, padmasree, ishan (my dearest dearest darling), appa, paati, chitthi and all my friends. Feels as though I have turned over a new leaf and become a completely different person, the person I used to be once upon a time, very long time ago. Mother's are GOD's greatest creation. I know amma will/can never read this, but "mu" I love you. I want to keep you happy all through your life in every way possible. 

Forcing myself to blog these days as it keeps me going/ happy. In the long run it will become an habit again :) (Or hoping it will at the least)

Till we meet next


P.S. In case you were wondering why the title reads "Maanasa Sancharare" - that was the song I was listening to when I started making this post :)


DT said...

Manasa Sanchararae is the ring tone of my mobile and i was just looking for the exact translation of that. Thus landed on to your blog.. good post...thanks

Prathiba Venkatesan said...

Thanks for dropping by.