Wednesday, October 15, 2008

God exists

Hi all,

Recently been writing/thinking a lot about God. Mind's inclined towards God right now. 
Don't know why and don't care why. Finding inner peace when thoughts turn toward God.


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Vasudevan Deepak Kumar said...

While reading your post, I recalled about one nice story about how God made even atheists realise about his omni-presence.

"An athiest was arguing that God is NoWhere. His policy against God was so great that he had a big wallpaper in his house which read as 'God is nowhere'. He was actually abusing all the saints who had come to his village. That day night there was a real storm. His hut developed a small leak in the roof. A thin trickle of water just ran through the walls and it just ran between the words no and where in his wallpaper. Now the wallpaper slogan read as God is now here.. It might be a coincidence that the water trickled just there but some inner instinct for him made him realise his folly and then appreciate the greatness of Almighty."

And interestingly some of my recent posts too are getting inclined towards His service. Check out my quick video clip here.