Friday, October 17, 2008

Rise Up - Yves Larock

Hi All,

Considering the fact that the number of parties have been on the rise at ISB, it might seem no wonder that I have become dance addicted of late. I never knew I had the passion for dancing and it surprises me the most that I do cherish a secret love for dancing!!!

Like everything else in my life - here goes my history of dancing

It was during my 7th standard. We were doing a dasavatharam dance - drama and I was choosen to be one of the dancers. After practising for weeks, one fine day during a rehearsal session my Principal came to over to see how the performance was shaping up. Her only comment about me after watching the dance was - "She is too thin, she will not be able to carry the costume". I was so irritated at her, angry at myself for being thin and disappointed most of all. All my friends knew that I would be dancing and to face their pity was something I could not bear to think about or tolerate. 

After that incident I refrained from dancing. Anytime they wanted hordes of dancers to fill the stage I would be picked to participate, else I was mostly left behind. Given these chain of events I never tried to dance and shied away everytime someone asked me to, either in marriages or otherwise. (College bus trips were an exception - nobody dared comment on my style/ lack of it :) ) 

During my first party at ISB was very shocked to see that people dress up, drink and dance. (Never been to a pub). Got used to seeing people dancing and partying in a few days time (Had three parties during the first week at ISB - courtesy Co2008). I shied away as usual and whenever people asked me to join their group for dancing - politely declined mumbling that I wouldn't want to step on someone's shoes/ toes. 

The credit goes to Sindhura's party for initiating the will of fire to dance- that was the time when I realised that I loved jumping around even if I didn't look graceful and got my steps wrong. But the real turning point was the song "rise up". This song is very special to me for many reasons, reasons - unstated and would never ever forget this song in my entire life. This was/is "THE" song that made/ makes me develop the passion/love/whatever for dancing. No party is fulfilling unless they play this particular number. 

So thats how my addiction to dancing started. Now there's the dandiya festival tomorrow, we are supposed to dress up in traditional attire (hurray :) :) ) and dandiya dance the night away. Really glad/excited about it. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow. 

So this makes third time in a row. Have been posting something everyday for the past three days. hurray!!! hurray!!! Hurray !!!

Got to get back to my books now. 

Till the next time.



Vasanth said...
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Vasanth said...

Think that the history will repeat :)

"She is too thin, she will not be able to carry the costume"