Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Rainy Day in Chennai

Hi All,
Chennai at its best.... So much rain.. Heavenly climate, windy days ....
Cool breeze that makes you float..
Soft wind that rush through your ears ...
The air around singing merry...
Placing a grin on your face...
A long awaited heaven...
At last in Chennai.

I look up at the sky, wanting to throw my umbrella , to dance , to cheer , to laugh,
to have tears of joy running down my cheeks,
Mingling with the sweet rain,indistinguishable from my tears.
Oh rain, how nice it is to see your pouring down,
Blessing the people on the roads,
Tearing the sky, yet opening my heart,
Down you pour , but lift my spirits,
You are crying, but make me laugh,
Washing away the dread , the fear,
Yet reinforcing the hope, and love,
A BIT of you is all it takes to make a HUGE difference...

You make me write poetry, though meaningless,
Makes me wonder what made me turn into one.
I really do wonder how unselfish you are,
To make all people happy, not expecting anything in return,
You are truly a miracle, for my stony heart is melting ,
Rushing down, my defenses withdrawn.............

Gazing and gazing at you, I lose count of time, place ,people -Yes people,
Wanting to turn into one like you,
Having a freewill, yet making everyone smile ,
The moment you pass them..
I LOVE you rain..

Wanting to be like you,
With so much love in my heart,
waiting for the perfect one,

Like how you found thunder,
Longing to care and be cared,

Waiting for the right opportunity ,
I bid adieu , not to you ,but to my writing
Coz whatever I may write will never do justice to you.
And whatever you make me feel can never be repaid back.
Bye Bye rain , And don't rain often
Coz then I will only dream...


sampoorna said...

Grt.That was really nice...gud that it rained in chennai...but we should not forget the calamity it had caused...i don't think it brought smiles to many in chennai but inspite of that there was something pleasant in it which could be cherished for a long time as u said.

kulfi said...

hey jack ass...that was a cool one...u never said u can write something like this...anyway...keep it up...when i saw ur blog...i cant help to think abt the reading comprehension passage!!!..he he...wat to do.

kulfi said...

hey pratheeba...u have been tagged. now u have to tell the 7's of ur life...refer to my blog wat does the sevens additional to it...

7 (or more) person u love the most
7 (or more) person u hate the most
7 (or more) craziest thing u have done

dun be a spoil sport...i expect ur seven's the next time...and u can tag me now..since i am already tagged...tag someone else...

kulfi said...

hey by the way...u can be always as evasive with ur post...but there is something called as a comment r feed back...where i might post its always better if u come out in open....!!!!