Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Importance of being independant

Hi all,
Huh, this time its different.I have a topic to blog about.Unlike my other blogs this has a purpose.It's something that i feel strongly about. It the most important aspect in a person's life.
Independance-- Well i am not talking about the indian independance or liberation of a kingdom, country or whatever. It's not about democracy(thats another topic bout which i think), its bout the liberation of soul. The ability to think ur own thoughts ,the freedom to voice ur own opinions (irrespective of the consensus). Just because ur opinion is not the commonly accepted one doesn't mean that u should change ur opinion to suit that of the mass. Its crazy, when we think something ,After thinking that,after the thought took shape ,colour and pattern, y should we change it just because other's don't agree. Aren't we pretending ,by surrendering without any shame to the mass of common views, destorying our integrity in the process of doing so. Aren't we dragging our soul according to the manipulation of the public. I think we do.But we don't happen to realize it.We don't REALIZE that we are destroying our SELF in the process. Maybe i am being too harsh while saying this , but i know or i feel i am right. N its my opinion, (my opinion cannot be wrong to myself ,if it does ,it was never my opinino iin the first place).I am not saying that we shouldn't change our opinion ,we can but the decision to do so, must be prompted by us ,not by the consensus. Infact that too is our own opinion , i am not saying that we shouldn't be influenced by society , but what i am saying is that ,in the end,its our will, our thought ,our decision that should guide us .Ofcouse these can be because we belive that something or someone else is right, but definitely not because ,the society feels that we ought to think so.
Its about liberating the soul. Its the mighty power of self .Thats what i like most ,total self control.Any person with total self control, will be a true leader, the greatest of the greats, an inspiration to others, an idol, a king, a true and complete human.all of us i think should try to do that, we should be our masters, not hte soiiety.Ofcourse people who are able to achieve this may tend to become totally selfish and apart from controlling themselves will try to control the society around them. But wanting to do so, itself a sign of weakness, a sign saying that power is in vcontrol of them and not viceversa. So this is what i write now, but my strong views on independance sure doesn't end here.
Well thats it for now.( and i apologise for my previous blog , i completely failed myself that time, its a pathetic attempt to blog , n all that .But hey its my blog so i can blog anything.)
Well then CIAO
till my next blog...........

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