Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Rapidly, a great leap in blogging

Hi all,
From now on beware of the number of blogs that i am gonna post. Seriouly u miss few days , u are gonna miss a lot. As i said there are a lot of things to be done and completed today.
But truth is right now i am not able to do anything, coz i don't have the resources.
Bad. But atleast i can blog .Thats great right. Never thought i could do this. Well things always take a turn. So what to write bout right now. My mind's confused right now.So i will write bout confusion. (ok,too much mokkai,i realize ,but wat to do that's me) .
Well there are about a hundred hthoughts criss crossing right now, each competing against one another to take precedance. But so far none succeeded. (probably the thought that i am blogging is the forerunner). People who get to read this may feel what a waste of blogspace. But atleast now my mind's trying to organise itself from chaos. If it succeeds, well then that's when this blog ends. Too Confusing???? When i am not able to understand and correlate all thta i think, nobody else can even dream of understanding.
Ok my mind's now entirely on the blog, its like a dramatic action sequence thats going through my head right now, all fights ,all thoughts vying for attention. (Well i dunno whehter the thought thta they are all vying for attention is in the race or not.But that hardly matters coz, anyway its all inside my head). i make make any take precendence or make them vanish.Supreme control over oneself is wat i preach n try to follow.But not always do i succeed. But i am upon the half way mark in supreme control. N hey those of u who r reading this still,well u get the MOST patient eprson of the year award.(hoping that u wouldn't end up as a patient in mental asylum--yep that's another one of my mokkai.) So thanks to those who r still continuing ,despite my monumental efforts to bore u. Now that my mind's controlled i take leave.


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Sreejith said...

Excellent attempt to confuse .. but see i havent fallen for it :) btw "beware of the number of blogs" ?? why beware! waiting for you to post more often instead.