Friday, October 21, 2005

One true love

Hi All,

Well this time , i am gonna write about one true love, that happened (thta i happened to witness in my life). Unlike most i would like to say i was really CRAZY, mad about my one true love. It was my CAT . U know what i did to the cat i loved more than my life, i killed it, yes i killed it.I killed it mercilessly, and the guilt that i carry will exist beyond my grave too.
Rewinding the past, nostalgic memories rush throug h my head ,
Unable to forget the MIOW , unable to forget its cute smile ,
Which used to lift my spirits, whatever position i am in.
It was a cat so NOBLE, (infact i hate to say it was a cat a cat so noble, making its end a finality , a certainity in my life) People might wonder ,even laugh out loud that i am calling a cat as noble, but it was (it was my cat, so it couldn't be anything less , i suppose-- Well this too is one of my mokkai's). Well it had that nobility , and selflessness that even humans fail to have at times. Well i will tell u bout the love story ...........
It started when i was a kid ,when i was in my 4th std i think .My cat staryed into my house. I loved it the moment i set my eyes on it.It was pure white , with a Biiiig bushy tail which it kept fluttering and scuttling around always ,showing off its beauty.(will upload my cat's pic later).
We were good friends , all my worries used to vanish the very instant i set my eyes on it.
Coming to the love story , after long , my cat found a girlfriend (another cat near my place). Well since we loved our cat , we used to feed the other one too. Here's where my cat's nobility and selflessness is shown.The other cat used to hog, it was a glutton ,but we never used to mind. Infact, after eating its share , it used to come to my cat's bowl and start eating. Guess what my cat used to do, IT WILL MOVE ASIDE AND MAKE PLACE FOR ITS GIRL.
Amazing, and if something's left over , after the its gf's finished eating it will eat ,otherwise jsut used to remain happy. So noble,so pure it was. Guess what happened after this, it's gf ditched it.She left him.My cat used to wander around the terrace, looking for the trace of its ONE TRUE LOVE. But
"aval parandhu ponnale
En cattai marandhu ponnale"
It didn't eat for a week. And it stopped looking for a girlfriend after this incident.
Well coming back to the present ,i said that i kiiled my cat. U know how .....
We decided to construct a new house and move in there. But cats are loyal creatures. they are afraid of entering a new place unknown to them. So however hard i tried i couldn't make my cat come to the new place.So it chose to remain in the old place. It died two months later, due lack of care. I hate myself for killing it. I sit around and enjoy at my new home ,while my cat is dead.
Whenver i look at his picture , i feel its imploring ,just asking ,questioning me "why did u leave me" .I feel so bad, it was my dear, my darling , a soul i loved so much , and yet let go.
I had said that if
" u love something let it free , if it comes back to u ,its love ,else it was never loved"
So didn't i LOVE my cat. Why should it be this way????? Only thing i have decided is never to have a cat again in my life .Its the last i could do for u dear (though knowing u, i konw u wouldn't want it that way),my dear dino.
My mind full of memories ,
And heart full of pain,
CIAO--- till my next post


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Anonymous said...

cat name enna?


Anonymous said...

hey jack ass...i too love my CAT...

Prathiba said...

Hi srini,
Cat peru DINO (read my last line once more)
Riaz, i never knew u had a cat ( I mean a real cat, not a gf who's supposed to be a cat )