Monday, October 24, 2005

The People who have inspired me

Hi all,

This post is a tribute to the people who have influenced and inspired me. Being an egoist , I don't usually listen when I know I am right ,(though politely hear what the other person is saying) but these people have inspired me. Three different people, in three different dimensions.

They have greatly shaped my life....

Here goes..................

The first person is my cousin sister. I was totally crazy about her, she used to be the first person I see in the morning (without even brushing my teeth, I used to go to her as soon as I woke up) She was doing her MBBS that time. I remember troubling her all the time, making her to play with me.Sing with me etc etc. She never complained , was a really sweet person . Infact whatever she did ,was what I considered appropriate. I just wanna narrate one small incident. I was the kinda girl who used to think that sightadichifying is a sin (well now I have changed ) One day when I was staying over at my cousin's place( I was 12 years old that time) I told her, why do people esp girls behave so bad, they shouldn't do that. (well u might be wondering whether she laughed out loud at this-She didn't do that. She just remained silent. And said its only natural at this age) I was so confused at that point , how could my idol , say something totally against my belief's. But since she said that , and knowing that she's the sorta person who never goes wrong , I realized its a natural process. U might be wondering how this influenced me. Don't let ur imagination run wild. It just thought me ,not to have any pretense in life. It's more important to realize that being frank is more important than being considered good by a few people who hardly matter. Take responsibility for your actions and BE HONEST TO YOURSELF. There's nothing as bad as self-pretense frank about who you are, don't cheat yourself. Well she thought me that. The incident itself is insignificant. She could have pretended that time and told , whatever I had considered till then is true and that's how a person should be blah blah blah.. But even at that age, she had the integrity not to lie to me for such an insignificant thing. That touched me..

Well goin on to the second person... This girl was my school senior. Two years older to me. We were both in the same house So used to play dramas together .She was the one who really inspired me to be bold, and talk what I feel ,to shed inhibitions.. Infact I feel that talking spontaneously is far easier than speaking a rehearsed one. She was the one who thought me that .(well she didn't teach - I just kinda got the skill from her) An amazing person, she makes audiences spell bound by her speech. She made me take active interest in speaking ,dramatics etc. When she was about to leave school , I went upto her and asked her to fill my slam-book (It's such a shame -these slam books asking people to fill what are their hobbies ,interest ,favorite actor etc etc) Instead a plain paper would suffice and carry more meaning . Well I was young that time so gave her my book .She just wrote this ,though I have more friends much closer than her who filled my book -this one stands out-coz it touched my heart "she wrote_ Dear prathiba , you are cute. Love to have a sister like you. The fact that she would have wanted me as a sister was really overwhelming. (and that too she cramped this much into the tiny space that was available). That was the second person.

Coming to the third , this girl was my college senior, three years older than me. Bubbly and undying enthusiast ,she was ever ready , always a sport , who just loved to make millions of friends. I was glad that I was one amongst her friends in my batch.. (though I was three years younger than her, she never treated me like a junior) And also , her sister being a designer ,she used to wear these amazing clothes ,which looked totally cool on her started taking interest in clothes only after seeing her so beautifully dressed...Just by speaking to her , her enthu caught on me. However tired I was , speaking to her used to revitalise me. Some people really do have that charm (people say that I do have that- but I don't like to brag about it) Well she inspired me, thought that happiness is in me, I can be happy if I want , its the power of the soul , and the mind that influences things.

All the three shared a common trait, they were all honest to themselves, frank ,and had integrity .(No back -biting ) And also all three thought me all this without even saying a word about it . They simply were themselves ,which was why I liked them so much. And they also thought me that being ourselves is more important , Personality traits can be changed according to the benchmark, but personality and the character that defines the person should never change. Simply being ourselves is being great . I owe it to them ,who let me learn in my own way ...... Thus letting me be myself.................

Well then till my next post


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R.Raghavan said...

hmmm...intersting thoughts madam. Any perticular reason why there are only woman inspiring u...havent u yet met a real man who has inspired u in the ways of living. Anyways i agree that these were a few people who have made deep impact on you.
I suppose infact most people have something or the other big or small which can inspire us isnt it...but the ones who make those deep impact(by their words and action or simply their character itself) are the ones who stay for long. Well for a say i am surely inspired by your extrovert and a out going personality who is ready to lead the line whenever,whereever possible. :)