Monday, November 14, 2005

Five Point Someone

Hi All,

I wanted to read this book for a long time. Dunno why, but everybody just kept saying, its a must read. So atlast got to read it. Wanted to write about the book.
Well, for starters, it was a book completely different, in the way it was written , for its "honest to god" account, for its narrative, (absolute , not subtle). Closely knit characters, with no additional complications, a very simple book, but one which conveyed a lot. So accolades to the author who choose to be frank.
As usual with critics, that just the good part about the book. There are two things about the book, that I completely disagree with.
First, its treatment of women, (though not intentional I guess) it kinda portrays "girls are dumb image" well not exactly like that, but kinda like that. i.e. It just talks about the girls being a complete contrast to themselves. To be honest , its true(the part about girls being contrast to themselves), but not in the light manner in which its portrayed in the book.The author can't escape that he's not able to understand girls that's why its this way in the book.That'll be just an excuse. The truth is girls have many things that they correlate together, before formulating an opinion. i.e. Either that or they formulate a opinion without any data. Therefore, from a girls perspective, its completely different, every girl undergoes some sort of trauma, before taking a decision which is considered inappropriate to the surroundings. This is because of the way we have brought up, not just coz they are girls. In other words, girls shoulder more responsibility and are more bothered bout the consequences. They think twice before taking decisions...

Secondly, in the careless way it portrays the youth. Well not careless exactly , but with books like these becoming best -sellers, it will just set an example for all the current gen. True , it does come with a disclaimer, but still certain things could have been avoided.These will become a trend, and the young minds can easily be spoilt. I am not being harsh on the book, its just that I am afraid for the effect this book on the youth. Casual exposure like this, will only increase the curiosity, which could have been dealt in a better way ( I also have to add that, apart from these, I found it an enjoyable, fast read . One book which I just couldn't put down before I finished .And also the author has every right to express what he feels, so I ain't saying he's wrong. Just like the author, I have every right to have my own opinion, that's why I am posting this.)

Well that's my opinion people, you are free to comment..

Till my next post....



Sreejith said...

excellent critical piece.. well sugarcoated i must say :) but i ask you why do you say "young minds can easily be spoilt"? i thought they werent that gullible.

Prathiba said...

Hi sreejith,
Thanks for ur comment. Really appreciate it. The truth is i liked and disliked the book( for different reasons) Well young minds aren't that gullible (infact read yest article in "week", an article which brought forth the changing trends inthe youth of day, how they view life ,love and intimacy) Its just that we people have this attitude , if many people do something wrong we accept(esp youth) it as being cool. We don't get the priorities right always. which is the sad part. I am not a culture cop, but i wouldn't want people doing something, without realising the full implications .i.e.They should be consious of their actions .Thats where i feel this book might be misleading.