Thursday, October 20, 2005

Do love marriages work?????

Hi all,
Its kinda become like a signature ,me greeting saying ("Hi all") n me signing off saying "Ciao". I happen to like it.So trying to make it a routine.
Well forgetting that n coming to the topic of the blog, Do love marriages work?????, or the topic should have more like do arranged marriages work???? It would have been more apt, i guess.
Well for starters ,most of the people i know come to me when they are in love, nn ask (they have made me the "free consultant" ever ready , always wise and more importantly always nice).Well opinions can be very wrong at times. But its the opinion of other people so i am not complainig(He he he).Well i am again deviating from the topic.
Well coming bak to the topic, when people usually ask is love marriage a better option, i seriously dunno what to tell them, it really depends on wat kinda environment they are brought up in.I seriously feel that when people don't have the guts to go ahead with love ,ready to face any obstacle, (be it parents or society, or caste or creed or money) they shouldn't love.
Coz in the end the suffering which they have to endure as a result of a breakup due to these obvious reasons fro mthe very beginning ,is much more, and much more terrible too. Have seen lots doing this mistake.When a small part of u says that it can't happen, that u won't be together probably u should desist from doing so. Coz in the end u r the loser ,not anyone else. Well there are people who are ready to endure pain too (even its a lost love ,they don't mind)Well those are hopeless cases not to be taken into consideration. Well so if people have the guts to go ahead face all for love, then people i feel u can. Otherwise don't, u will end up hurting urself and ur loved one too.
Ok coming to arranged marriages ,do they work???? Well actually, we make them work, irrespective of whether its really compatible or not, because we have been thought to do so from the very beginning. N frankly ,without knowing anything bout a person how can we marry him or her. What if they r tottally unlike someone we are expecting all along in our life. Happens right ???? Yet we stick together coz its the way we are.(its actually a shame,but in a way its good too) .N hey differences only make us individuals. Otherwise we'll all be clones in the vast of humanity. Well we are prepared to make arranged amrriages work ,regardless of whether it really works, So why don't we try the same wit hlove marriages.
Probably ,we can accept a person unknown (read:arranged marrige) to be non-ideal, and we can accept them not being Mr.Right ,but we somehow cannot digest the fact that the person we loved is not Mr.Right (or miss.Right for that matter). its because we always feel that they are the one for us, born to marry us, and can't envision anything second without thier presence felt.
So whe nthey fall of short of our expectations (or atleast we come to realise only later that htey fall short of our expectations) we cannot accept that. After all they are only humans ,and its totally beyond most people's capacity to feel otherwise.
Well this is how i analyse it to be. So all you people waiting to falll in love, please think twice, and if u r too sure ,go ahead ,and allthe best .Let success be your loved one's.
Well then ,till my next post,

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Vasudevan Deepak Kumar said...

There must be a mutual understanding from the hearts of each of them. That alone survives love and runs the shows.

Nothing else. If it is a love marriage, nothing can stop the lover and the beloved from joining, if the love is powerful. In the same vien, for an arranged marriage, how muchever grandeur you show for the marriage, if the bride and the groom have an iota of disinterest, it is enough to crash down the entire show.