Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Can't think of topic

Hi all,
We meet once again.This is a long gap,but well i had my reasons.Was kinda busy and preoccupied with other things.The truth is i don't know what i am blogging about right now, once a sense of happiness flooding through my viens,(don't even know why i am so happy,that too knowing thta tomorrow is gonna be one very very long day in office). Well in this gap learnt lots (both techie and otherwise).
Well for starters i miss my dearset friend, she's gone to calcutta now.On top of that ,people who have mattered to me the most are someplace else.(That too all the people whom i considered very very close ,and without whom i can't envision a life ) have left. Some out of country ,some out of state.
But i guess this way its better.When they were in town the "complacency factor" made me always think that well i can always talk to them tomorrow or day after.The problem was tomorrow nevewr came ,so forget the "day after". But now that they have gone , i keep in touch (read constant touch) through email, networks ,PHONECALLS (plz don't remind bout my mobile bill-just kidding). Well time and space are just test of relations.If relations are from the heart and to the core , then nothing else matters. It works reverse way too.Once u r ready to let go something or someone , whe nthey are not around then they were never as important as you thought them to be in the first place.Sure i do agree that the moments with them will bring peals of alughter to ur face, or tears in ur eyes, but those r just moments ,fleeting and vanishing, transient and sometimes misleading. Just these words keep coming back to me dunno why

"IF u love someone or something ,
Just let go.
If they or that come back to u ,its love
Else ----It was never loved"

Too true, i guess.Only distance can judge relations i feel. So if u r in search of the perfecr friend, or perfect partner or the perfect person in ur life jsut let go. N c what happens. (Again as i have always said -Perfection in my opinion is having imperfections in life,these are the kutty things in life that matter al ot to me-will blog on that one later).Well i think i have made my pt.
And i am really impressed with myself now(i actually started without knowing wat to woite ,n ended making some sense i think)I have improved,dunno wat riaz has to say on this one.
This will ensure that he cooments(ha ha ha ha).
Will then till my next post ----CIAO

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Anonymous said...

hmm...Yes. After years even I realize similarly, when everyone out of our 5 member gang is living their own life in different part of the universe, And each of us waiting patiently and eagerly for the D'day to come.