Tuesday, September 20, 2005

just for nothing

hi all. we meet once more. it has now become a compulsion for me to blog these days. infact when i am travelling i think of topics to blog about. but those r serious stuff. fundamentalism and attitude, idealism etc etc.
tot of writing something not heavy to read.
so the title. actually how many of us do things JUST FOR NOTHING.
all our actions r motivated by some thing or the other. we don't do any action involuntarily. Every single action is because of some motive or the other.
Disagree?????? Lets take a scenario. Ur friend is in need of help. U r in a position to do so.
U help ur friend.Why?????? Only because he is ur friend definitely not.Again disagree ?????????
U help him because in the future u might be in his shoes and he might be the person to bail u out. A favour returned. (Occurs in some cases).But the main motive is that U WANT ur friend to THINK good about u. this is the truth .If someone is gonna feel bad that we helped them ,or hate us because v helped them then sure we won't help them. Its only for gratitude and the FEEL GOOD FACTOR that v help others.
Its bad people.It is actually bad.But v get accolated for our selfless efforts. Irony.V r actually selfish people .But nobody realises. Think people, don't accept data.Format them into facts and information before processing them to interpret behaviour(I think i am gettin bit techy).
Just this at the end of this blog, don't do things because some one said u to do so, don't ever try to pretend goodness, there is no inherent or inherited or acquired good on this earth.The only good u can really do is being good to urself. Thinking positively , having atleast a bit of ego, developing thoughts , improving ur soul.etc etc.
Most i have mentioned r quite arguable. Though i stick to my vesion of it.
In the end its the only thing that matters. Though iwrite all this , i too am just ANOTHER person so i am not completely be able to be the ideal person i dream of being( one of the main criteria I consider ideal is being imperfect in kutti kutti things ).Eventually though i hope to be so.
Bye for now not for ever.
Till my next post


Muruganandham said...

Prathi! you are taking things too serious. To tell you something, in this worldly life one is dependent on other. u know? why god gave life to u. Speak like this. Why me? to advise u. So god has some work for me. That's why me. So even god has some intention before creating living beings.

About the help you mentioned. I have helped so many ppl (shldn't mention but for the cause) in my life in office, in road, in family etc.. If i help in family ok there is some thing for me to help. Same thing may be in office. Once i helped an old man to cross the road in hyderabad. I do not know him. I do not even remember him now. He told me something in telugu. I did not understand that even. But I had "kutti" happiness that I had helped him. So a living being needs happiness. This the root cause for all.

We are not machines or chips which helps other getting something (electricity) and expecting nothing.

So think positive. Just think everything as positive for a single day. u will feel the best i bet!

kulfi said...

only u have the talent to talk like a jack ass(that too...all the time!). U know what prathi...life is very simple...dun make it sound toooo complicated! U shud leave watching lotta tamil serials...seriously! Since i always loved to arugue with u...a small point...why do u feel happy when sachin hits a four or when chandler proposed to monica? life is not always self-centric...i belive..each and everything in this world is made to be symbiotic.

Prathiba said...

Hi Muruganandham,
See u proved my point..
It's only for our happiness that we exist. Not for anyone else's. We may argue that we are noble of spirit and generous in nature , but the truth is we are all selfish. And being selfish is good . (without being selfish how can we have a SELF- its like an identity for all of us ) Anywayz thanx for ur comments, i really appreciate it . N by the way do i know u???