Monday, June 20, 2005

GOD and faith.

GOD who is god.A person, a spirit, an embodiment of justice,epitome of mercy ,an immortal soul, the essence of goodness,or all of the above.Maybe or maynot be.God to me is simply FAITH.A faith that wont let evil harm you, a faith that will make you conscientous(because of belief that otherwise u might be punished) ,a faith that will prepare u for the tasks ahead(for fear of failure and faith that hard work leads to success).So faith is everything.Faith is in short GOD.god is not a creation of humans because faith is inherent in humans.i.e.God exists in all humans.When something preexists in humans how can it be a creation.Infact it cannot even be called a discovery because always there's faith inside us.We might shun it, overlook it,pretend it doesn't exist,might even convince ourselves that it never existed.But that hope never fails.It's methods may fail, but hope never fails.Ofcourse that is under hte constraint faith in a true cause never fails.Merciless killings in the name of god,bribes to God in return for granting favours never wins the heart of god.
God doesn't expect ANYTHING from humans.not flowers,not prayers,not animal sacrifices,not cash in undiyal.He gives what he feels we ought to have.Not because of our offerings.God is not for bribe, otherwise not even the richest can afford him.What humans do for venduthal is not needed by god but just a way of saying to one who gave us everything.its the only method known to humans,sacrificing material things which according to man is vital than simple care for fellow humans.Even if u don't go to temples or churches or mosques God is there in u .cause u have faith, faith is GOD. cause god is not a politician who does things in return for hte flowers that is offered to him.i am not saying that we shouldn't offer flowers to god but rather what i am saying is that by doing so,we shouldn't think that god will favour our wishes.god favours our wishes if and when we deserve it.his ways r not understandable,becuse even faith s not understandable.
All i ask of people who read this is just this.U have faith in ur mom ,dad,friends,relatives,other beings,but why don't u have the faith in urself, in the GOD inside u,When u can believe,the idols in the sanctum can work wonders, why don't u trust the santorum inside ur heart.GOD never leaves us, its us who choose to ignore him.plz trust urself,who knows even ur acknowledgement of him might work wonders.Never stop beliving,never stop trusting, GOD and ur SELF.

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