Tuesday, June 14, 2005

life to me

life to me is very preciousnot in the sense that i am afraid that i will drop dead the next minuteits more serious than thatI hve never taken life easilyEven when its easy i wiill look for ulterior motivesmaybe i am paranoid but i firmly beleive that when things go too well for ur own good there's something siniter lurking behindwell its a crazy thought actually,and maybe the effect of the novels i read.
i always feel that love is crazy.coz its not definite.what we think now changes over time and space.so why think what we think now.thats maybe because people r impulsive.most don't think.they act to situations.because when u start thinking inevitably there's something strange lurking over.and people love being simple.they dont want compications they don't undersand in life.i am different in the sense that i love complications in my life.if life's normal for me,i feel immensely disturbed that something's gonna happen.when life's not normal ijust feel at peace that it cannot get worse than this.
so ultimately i realize that i never feel like being happy, coz i fear my happines will be short lived and futile.so i prefer being unhappy.its not only me but most deep down are like this,but don't yet realize it.i dont know what else to write so i conclude with this.

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