Thursday, June 02, 2005

reasons why i created this blog

hi everyone,
Let us have a small introduction about myself.I am a spirited, enthusiastic INDIVIDUAL. I make my own decision and control my own life.I love reading novels and listening to music and i also collect tickets(though its a habit and not a hobby).I take pleasure both in the presence and absence of people.I love clothes and chocolates.
I am funloving at the same time i am a serious minded individual .I think a lot and i am self analysing.Since i feel my thoughts are overflowing and since this blog space provides me my outlet i have choosen to become a blogger.I want to preserve my anonymity while at the same time reach out to people.I am a contrast to myself(my outer self) most of the the times, and also like million others i need emotional balance which is why this blog was created

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Muruganandham said...

Prathi! See Nothing u r going to achieve being serious. Think that this life is to enjoy. Take everything lite in ur life. That will physically & mentally help u in achieving something remarkable in your life.