Friday, June 03, 2005

my soulmate

This blog is a special tribute to my special friend. This friend of mine is the rarest amongst the rare.She is my sanity.The gentle touch of her hand, the smile on her face,the way she idolizes me, her sweet nature, the way she thinks everything with her heart not her head, everything about her is amazing.
I have never seen a soul so pure, not even the lightest pretense,how she accomades everyone(even those who are not true to her) in her heart, how she always places others interest before her own, never hurting others (even by mistake) the most purest and amazing human i have had the opputunity to meet.She doesn't embarrass me more when i am already embarrassed,always defends me (even when i am wrong ) most caring. Above all she doesn't have the slightest clue that she is all this and much more.She is not this way because its the best way to be, she is like this because she doesn't know how else to be.Her motives are never shadowed with fame ,glory, reconition,reward .Do her wrong, she repays you back with twice the kindness that people don't deserve & do her good she thinks the world of you.
My precious little friend, whom i want for myself, my sweet support, my weakness, and above all my life.
She is Jeevitha for me.


vigneshkumar said...

Juz now went thru ur Older posts..
Nice to read.. Ha ha ha :)

vigneshkumar said...

Hey... Wat s this no comments are being shown, in this posts permanent link..
Huh !! Bug in BlogSpot

Prathiba said...

Hey just now saw your comment for this post.. too very vetti huh ? reading my prev posts and all ... hmmmmm anyways thanks for thw comment.. Seems like blogger has woken up.. The comments are displayed..