Thursday, September 15, 2005

On the job.

long time no see.this is actually the reality.ppl at office have this great craze for blogging.most that i know r to read few of their blogs inspired that i feel liking blogging right now. but wat to blog about.lots and lots that i can write.but got to be careful since now i have a wider audience.

it actually feels great to work in office.Initially i had my own misgivings, but now i am comfortable. Just when i have settled in ,and feel nice about my group of friends there, i am shifted.Thank goodness Sam is comin with me(4 those who r wondering sam is a girl).But then being shifted has it own advantages too.Lots of guys to sight adichify in viceroy building.
all that apart but again the familiar feeling of dreading into unknown territory creeps in.I dont understand why it works this way for me.

All people at office treat me like a kid. I dont mind it as long as they take me seriously when it comes to work.I havethis gift of blabbering and talkin nonsense that too in a kiddish way that even if i otufy some people they dont really mind it.I am happy about it.So wat does it feel like to work???????
A big ?????????????
Actually we had a sample portal to build.It wasn't tough .But wat was toough was that we had to complete in 2 weeks. Takin off sat & sun thats 10 days.(inclusive of vinayaka chaturti).it was really like hell.we worked inhuman hoursa.Hardly 2 months into work and i am returning by 1'o clock at nite.It was crazy .on top of this we had to give demo to our senior executive.
All in all it was a nightmare fortnite.But it was also great workin.coz i was able to do wat was assigned to me.More than that i did it such tat it worked which was an achievement by itself. Pushin aside modesty, my work was done by 3 ppl in hte other team.
So i am really happy bout it.So as long as u work ,not minding the ungodly hours its alrite.But if u r want a life exclusive of office,not a workaholic,then its good .Infact great . i am not scaring anybody, but its true that all the people who work in software get used to it in the end.
i get reminded of one song at this goes like this....

I tried so hard ,but lost it all.
in the END it doesnt even matter.
(Linkin Park)

So wat is life if full of care,
and we have no time to stand and stare(Wordsworth i guess,not too sure)

Kutty things inlife should matter a lot than the BIG things in life.
Thats my pt people.
Enjoy small things in life.Big thingswill automatically fall in place.

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