Wednesday, June 08, 2005

to lose what u have

life is never easy.atleast i don't think so.its not because i am cynic, its because life's like have what u believe to be the best in the world , a great job, a great career , admiration of all, only to discover its slipping through ur hands before u know it.God's ways are not accountable or understandable, why does he give sooooo much happiness when he knows its going to be short lived, when he knows the pain that comes as a esult is much more terrible.
Its easy to live losing things that u don't have, (coz u never knew u had it in the first place),but to lose something after u get it,and before u r able to enjoy it even for a bit is terrible, its leaves totally unprepared, totallly confused, totally exhausted, totally lifeless.

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