Sunday, April 02, 2006

Silver Jubilee !!!!!!

Hi All,

My 25th blog !!!!

My "tryst" with blogging..
It started in June'2005. Initially blogs were just a space for my overflowing thoughts. (yep that's in the header) I started blogging to vent off my frustations in life. It was just my outlet.
I was undergoing a rough phase, and blogs offered me great consolation. Infact I maintained my anonymity, and never made it known, that i'm a blogger.

That was a period during which Murphy's law became true . :)
If anything can go wrong, it will !!!
Though i had everything, it seemed as though everything was slipping through my fingers.

Then came a god sent ANGEL (who happens to be my best friend ), because of whom i started believing in myself. After that, blogging didn't hold any charm , because my reasons for blogging defeated itself.
I was happy. Didn't have the need to blog anymore..

Once i started working, read a couple of blogs of my colleagues. It ignited my passion for writing. It revived the once "cremated" urge to blog. I stopped blogging for my"self" and started blogging for an audience. (Though not many , enough to keep me going ). Started blogging continously, though not on a regular basis.

One of my very good friends remarked to me once,
"your blogs aren't depressing, they are full of life."
Somehow, that made me happy more than anything else ever did, because it reflected the soul inside. :) I was happy to know that i was happy ( Yep, i am that clueless :)) , because my blog is the real ME.
With every single comment in my blog, my happiness grew.

It has now come to state where i am almost addicted to blogging. Nothing calms me more than a single line comment in my blog (multilines too). Even in my worst moods, blogging neutrals the frustations and anger .And now my 25th post.
Hope i live to write my 100th ...

'coz at the end of the day ,
knowing the fact that someone ,somewhere knows you and understands you in the same way you want to be understood , is all that matters !!! (To me atleast )

Thanks guys and girls for making this possible ...
Keep visiting.



vasanth said...

Congrags … keep going yar :) … u know what u r one of the major reason for me to start blogging… waiting to write comment for ur 1000th blog (u will write ur 1000th blog)…

Let ur “tada tada tada tan…” exist for ever

Happy blogging :)

Anonymous said...

incomplete blog posts make me verry verry angry! where's the end to ur previous post?

Prathiba said...

@ Vasanth,

Thanks a lot !!!
Keep blogging :)

@ Anonymous,

You have to wait for a week :)
To receive audience response :)
Keep visiting.

Srini said...

Silver Jubileeya paaratti, itho ungalukku oru "Velli Sombu" :)

vigneshkumar said...

As vasanth said, u r the reason for me to start blogging.. And my mindset is now like, am not writing for audience blah blah.. As am feeling bad for the past some 1 or 2 months, bloggin from my point has become a scrap place wer i used to cry out.. But after reading ur nice/interesting blogs, it has made me to think.. hmm... ok tata.. Keep going mam..

Prathiba said...

@ Srini,

Thats a word sombhu not velli sombhu. But i am happy [;)]

Oops orkut gyabagathula smiley kooda ippadi thaan varudhu. Waiting eagerly for your 25th..

Prathiba said...

@ Vignesh,

Really happy to know that i was the one pof the reason to start blogging. Happy you could identify yourself with the same emotions that i went through.

Don't worry you'll one day come to this state of mine . That day is not far away .
Keep blogging :)

Vasudevan Deepak Kumar said...


Awaiting for the 100th blog with more eagerness and excitement...

Prathiba said...

@ Deepak,

Thanks. Happy to know that you visit my blog :)

Anand Prabhu said...

hey...saw ur comment in your surprised to see you got my post as a forward :) curious how u got it :)

nice blog u have here... keep visiting...

Prathiba said...

@ Anand,

Thanks. Keep visiting mine too :)

Sujal Banai said...

Keep going. Its a nice page to read on, and on and on.

Prathiba said...

@ Sujal,

Thanks. Nice to know you visit my pages. KEep visiting :)