Friday, April 21, 2006

First Day @ Office

Hi All,
Celebrated my first day at my new work place.
Its AWESOME. I have no other words for it. Loved it the moment I set my eyes on it.
Its huge, (huge is an understatement. Gigantic X colossal is closer to describing it)

Loved it, inspite of the fact that I have to commute farther everyday.
Loved it, inspite of the fact that only few floors are complete.
Loved it, inspite of the fact that construction is still going on.
Loved it ,inspite of the fact that there's dust and debris all around. (Not inside the floor)
Loved it, inspite of the fact that there are mosquitoes.
Loved it, inspite of the fact that there's no privacy.
Loved it, inspite of the fact that I am unable to adjust my keyboard holder.
Loved it, inspite of the fact that place is cold. (Actually I like the cooling system. As my friend,aptly put it,the AC effect is something one has to feel on his/her own)
Loved it, because my FRIENDS are gonna be here in less than a month :)
( Tch, tch, I am getting emotional )

All that apart, found it neat, elegant & posh.
Though it was official and professional looking, it had an openness about it.
Don't know why I am so fascinated with the place. Considering the fact (huh too many facts in a single post) many my friends seemed to think otherwise.

Before i end, about the surprise event.....
Thanks to Vettiboss and his brilliant scheme, celebrated my friend's birthday in the most unusual way . We made him hunt for his "gift".

Vetaiyadhu , vilaiyadhu.
We initially gave him a clue, which if he decoded correctly would reveal the name of the person he should approach to get the next clue and so on.I missed seeing the fun in action. But heard first hand account of what happened.

I am not gonna write about it in detail as I promised earlier.
It would be unfair to the Vettiboss , the person behind the whole scheme, if I make that post.
So expecting him to post about the event in detail .

Till my next post...


athena-stars said...
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vasanth said...

v r also waiting to come to the new work place....

will put a detailed comment when i come to the new work place..

but things r yet to be confirmed... must wait for 3 weeks for the confirmation... have fun :)

Srini said...

gr8 tat u love the place. I'm also eagerly awaiting for the change, tho i feel that i may hate it (very obvious, u loved it rit :))

Thanks for the Thanks and do keep up your promise plz.. ther's nothing unfair. So go ahead blogging it. I'd love to see others blog about it.

Had all clues of that day either have a blog or a personal web space, we may plan for a Web Treasure Hunting, for the blog visitors to follow it in the same sequence it appeared for the b'day baby :) But sadly, too many missing links :(

Sesh said...


d friend of prathiba whose birthday description in the blog is mine, Seshadri's birthday..

I really don have words to xplain hw i felt on my b'day, d feel of bein remembered by my frnds n celebratin my b'day wid very much care n affection..

D idea was jus gr8 to have organised a treasure hunt by 'VETTIBOSS' wid my very close set of frnds.. Every clue was very beautifully phrased portrayin d trait of d person concerned which we all(frnds involved in d treasure hunt) know very well.. HATS OFF TO U ALL.. i made a gr8 bakra of myself in findin d clues though.. :) 4 hrs of awseome fun.. as soon as i found d clues, i received wid kutti kutti gifts, which made me feel REALLY happy.. finally i got my treasure, an awesome OTTO SHIRT.. jus tooo good..

gotta mention abt prathiba's beautiful gift here.. it was a very cute candle holder made of glass.. kolla azhagu :)(very beautiful in Tamil)..

thanx 4 everythin ppl.. am thankin everybody who made my b'day a memorable one in life :)

Prathiba said...

@ Vasanth,

Hmmm , after you all come here, it will be better. I too am hoping for the same :)


We'll create the missing links ourselves. What say ?
And i am not taking my word. You are gonna blog about it.

Prathiba said...

@ Sesh,

Thanks :) Your comment made me smile :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Prathiba,

Its good to know about our new office. Its very interesting to read about it.

Keep it up!



Vasudevan Deepak Kumar said...


That presents a good description of the new workplace -- in a way to induce and evince more interest and encouragement to all.

But there is more additions like the constantly roaring traffic near Kathipara, bypass of bustling chennai traffic for us since we don't need to city anymore.

Prathiba said...

@ HRK,

Thanks and keep visiting :)

@ Deepak,

Thanks. Didn't think on these lines. Nice of you to mention the points i had missed :)

swami said...

a real good post...the way u have desc abt the working envi really tickles my envy to be out there as soon as possible...
the word
"inspite of"
"inspite of"
is the key tat adds great value to ur desc...coz..tat word really highlights ur charm for tat place...