Thursday, April 13, 2006

Mega Serials

Hi All,

Wanted to make this post for a long time. But could make it only now :) Dunno whether I would complete this post. Its boring to "write" about it. Can't believe how people have patience to watch 15 + (!!!)serials a day. i.e. Without considering the ones who do multi-tasking with their little remote controls in hand.(Poor remote Controls). Flipping channels to watch two or more (!!!) serials at the same time.

Mega serials have become part of our life , so much that even meal times depend on the serial timings. All mega serials follow the same pattern., Scheming women who betray their "best friend" by stealing her husband. ALL serials have similar stories. I am just wondering, where do they find time to scheme such winding plots. Considering the fact that make-up takes most of their time, is the rest of the time sincerely dedicated to hatching plots to back-stab an innocent friend. Don't they have to go to jobs ? Don't they have family to look after ? Don't they come home tired that all they can do is fall asleep in the comfort of their beds ? Don't they have other friends to talk to ? Don't they have household work like cleaning, paying bills or sitting idle reflecting upon days progress ( or lack of it ?)

Why is it the characters (the women) has to either be goodness incarnate or the devil herself. ( No guy is significant enough to be a villain, even if he is, he's just a trivial fellow compared to the women folk.)
I mean "To err is human" Why is that the heroine have to be so submissive????
Are they meaning to say that "proper" Indian girls lack "SELF-RESPECT" . Why do they portray women to be the slave of the in-laws?

Why can't they just portray a normal house-hold ? A normal house-hold, where people don't scheme , where people don't cry everyday,
Where people fight , get back together, go out , have fun, play with the kids, do small thirututhanams that are harmless, have ego clashes with friends, but at the end of the day forget it all, and enjoy with friends and family.

Most astonishing fact is that , these serials are so popular, that even re-telecast of these serials are profitable. My only say is that, the directors, cast and crew should be responsible for what they are telecasting. Piling loads of misery into serials, having cunning, selfish, insolent, abominable, shameless vengeful characters is not natural. So is having characters that are tolerant , submissive, lacking self respect, ready to shoulder burdens of those who committed crimes against them. Get real guys!!!!
Just don't create de-facto standards for women..

At the end of the day, with such a huuuuge market, they can do things in a better way .
At least start by getting realistic !!!!And portray some real characters.. Don't let down the audience who put you guys in so high a position.
That's my say..



Anonymous said...

Don't you read the papers? How often does good news make headlines? kolai,kolhlhai,karpazhippu,
sensationalism=readership,viewership etc.

No point feeling bad about them. Join the party and laugh when people cry.

Prathiba said...

@ Anonymous,

Yep , no point in fretting about it. All Wynand types. No doubt.

But it still pains to know that these serials are influencing regular viewers. Have seen it happening. Normal life's no longer "normal" when people go by the stds set by these stupid serials.

Prathiba said...

@ Anonymous,

Yes a good way is too laugh when these people cry on television.
My main source of entertainment these days is laughing at one such serial :)

vasanth said...

Well said… what u have told is exactly true…

And after seeing such serials the viewer’s mood will be depending on the serial and they will also jump into conclusions by seeing such artificial serials…

I have experienced the above said with my mom and some of my cousins :(

And u know what…. Few months back I was also a regular viewer of “kolangal”….

“At the end of the day, with such a huuuuge market, they can do things in a better way”

Lets hope that this will happen

Prathiba said...

@ Vasanth

Thanks. But at the rate things are going, think it only the beginning of the end normalcy. ( Maybe i am too cynical.)
Well lets hope for a change. (we can always hope)

Srini said...

Hmm reminds me one thing instantaneously. I was about to reply to the anonymous comment on your 'Value of Women' post, asking him/her a question like this..

"Are u getting carried by seeing any Mega Serials or some special Magazines which do things only for Money..If so forget the Cable, and stop buying the magazine.."

Thought not to get into this too much at that point..but can't resist now. It monotonously projects everyone wrong except that one person in the play, who is a female and on whose name the serial is named!! Bad.. and it hurts :(

I just glanced thru the post..haven't read it fully..willl write back later if i observe something.

BTW, nice immense sense of satisfaction, when the current Gen girls does it :). Kudos !!

And the old anon, if u r reading this again..u r welcome to write, and not like i'm fighting back or something..just my 2 cents i felt like saying :)

Sujal Banai said...

I dont know much of the sitcoms that is being aired there, but well all those portrayed character does exist hitherto in this part of the so called mainstream TV channels too, and one of the main architect ( a one woman industry) is Ektta Kapoor herself, a woman (na not diggin at anyone ok !). But ya they are only money mongers who knows very well how to market emotion, package family situations and then air them in primetime slots.So basically what i wanna say is they aint the voice of the guys yaar.

Prathiba said...

@ Srini,

Thanks. Happy to know that, so many share the same view. :)
By the way happy about the cureent gen girl too :)
By the way which anonymous comment did you mean here ? As far as i know, we know all the naonymous comments there :)

Prathiba said...

@ Sujal,

Seems like she isn't satisfied with the North, and started producing serials down south too.:) You have gotto watch this show, too much funny the moment you start analysing the story . (Though, not even worth that, except of course if you are lokking for a laugh)

Vivek said...

Hey prathiba!

Nice to see a great blog. Way to go! Will be dropping by more from now on.. Keep the posts flowing..

btw, visit and shout at my revived blog:

Prathiba said...

@ Vivek,

Thanks. btw i visited your blog few days back. (Anonymously) But couldn't comment. :)
Keep visiting.

Anjana said...

Well, I agree with u abt the sensationalism and unnecessary drama in mega serials.. But I still watch kolangal every once in a while :)) And I have no idea why

Vasudevan Deepak Kumar said...


The so-called FourthEstate belie their social responsibility as watchdogs, rather these guys prefer the easy passage of joining the bandwagon of political hoodlums.

I do agree that women are being portrayed in a more disgusting but there is a shared guilt among the parcipants and solicitors too. When the latter two wage against, I don't see a reason, why the capital investor should continue in pursuing the same.

There was once upon a time when women were treated on par slaves and our Tamil Poet 'Kavimani' stated, for an encouraging tone:

"Mangayaragap Pirapatherka
Nalla Maa Thavam Seithida Vendummamma"

But I think, with the trend that is being presented by the current media and society, it has become an eyesore for the nation rather to the mankind.

I would'nt know how to end this comment rather this is a global social issue. I would'nt claim that it should be a point of an interesting debate since in a debate, at the end of two hours, the judge gives a decision and after two days the people forget all about it. You have seen Solomon Pappaya debates during the Tamil New Year etc right.

The bottomline is that the society and the entities should understand the moral essence and ethics. It should emerge in full spirit from within. Let us hope positively and optimistically.

Ramesh said...

Thatz a nice one anyway. This is my first blog out of compulsion from Deepak and it is pretty interesting too. Probably going forward even Iam planning to blog. From my opinion in life you will get all types of flavor and each one's differ. If one feel that something is not interesting you probably go for other (Iam only talking about serials here!!!). There are some good shows too. It is upto us to choose the right one. One thing is for sure noone can change this world. The best option would be to ignore what you do not want.
Iam closing this blog with some satisfaction of my first blog and credit goes to Deepak and your blog.
Happy Blogging!!!
(As such I do not created any ID for myself. Deepak should help me on that)

Prathiba said...

@ Anjana,

Thanks. I remember you making the same statement when you were in Chennai. Thats much better compared to the rest of the prime time shows. Some sensible characters too. I watch it occasionally..:)

@ Deepak,

I totally agree with you in this.
"The bottomline is that the society and the entities should understand the moral essence and ethics. It should emerge in full spirit from within. Let us hope positively and optimistically."

True.We keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best :)

Prathiba said...

@ Ramesh,

Thanks. Happy to know that, you choose to start your blogging account from mine.

I totally agree with you. There's no point in thinking about things which we can't control.
Ignoring it, might be the only way.

Thanks and keep visiting.
Looking forward to read your posts. :)