Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Life :)

Hi All,

Read a post by Swami about the meaning of life. Fascinated ( pun intended) by it.
Made me to ponder, the meaning of life, love , existence.

But now is not the time . Everything will happen when it has to happen. I am not in the mood to write a deep philosophical (???) post on what life's all about.
For the simple reason, I am not in one of those moods.

The time when I am deep in thought, I don't get to make a post.
And the time when I post, I am not deep in thought.
Simply because, blogging makes me light hearted( sometimes light headed too :))

But will definitely write on this one. Been thinking about life for a long time .
Have no clue as to what it is all about.
Nobody can give an explanation as to what life is , simply because life in "their" viewpoint, is "their" life.. Not mine. So it can never explain my life, satisfactorily. The basics are common though.

Tried to understand me as a person, but not able to do so completely. Believe that the moment anyone realizes the purpose of their life, they cease to live. In the sense that life carries meaning, only when its a mystery. So prefer learning about myself everyday, in the small gestures,in stupid quarrels,in the times of reflection during the quite unhurried walks to the bus stop, in the hours of thought,while lying on the bed wide awake pondering the deeper purpose of my existence .

But wondering what am I doing by making this post.
About life........ hmmm will write later.
Sleep takes priority (12.30 AM) right now.

NEW ADDITION : Going to write about some fascinating (pun not intended) people I meet everyday. It could be you..Watch out. A small paragraph perhaps..
(No need to fear. I won't mention names, as always).You are free to guess the identity of the person, but it will never be revealed in this blog space .

The first one..
This person, is intelligent, sharp, silly, weird .
No wind can stop this person , and no wind can start too:)
Lazy to the core, when she wants to be lazy, but burns midnight oil when she wants to work.
Likes to live only by her rules, but gets confused somewhere in between .
Loyal to those, who can win her affection ,(even things that can win her affection)
But sometimes prejudiced because of the above reason.
Has certain disregard for things that can be disregarded, and confuses in categorizing those things. Cannot stand hypocrites and rumor mongers.

Unique thing about her---Her SELF , and her independance. Has too much of it, to let it be known :)

Till my next post ..


Anand Prabhu said...

enna thideernu life pathi.. thinking a lot now ?? :) ..good post.. btw hey..did u change work? i could see that from the previous post..

Srini said...
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Srini said...

Must be that MBBS cousin sister or The Maths Teacher !!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. Started to explain meanin of Life.. bored about tat, stopped, blabbered.. And then ONE ADDITION.. நீ எங்கோ போய்ட்ருக்க... :)

Sesh said...

ha ha.. u have described urself

vasanth said...

i guess that it should be u...

Prathiba said...

@ Anand,

Nope didn't change the organisation, shifted to another buiding.

@ Srini,
Uofortunately, my math teacher is a he!!! he he he :)

Prathiba said...

@ Anonymous,

Hmmm..Vicky pedia lerndhu words edhuthu potadhu enakku theriyum.
Anyways thanks..

@ Sesh and Vasanth,


Divya said...

u forgot to mention... this girl has a new crush every now and then... goes mad abt the person she likes... and loves to annoy them to the core...

Prathiba said...

@ Divya,

Podi loose...