Thursday, May 11, 2006

Life and Death

Hi All,

One simple question..

How can we die ? What are the different ways to die ?

The replies come out spontaneously.

Hanging by the rope (ah- gruesome and bad),
Consuming poison (slow and painful, unless its cyanide),
Getting Heart attacks ( multiple ones, you are a goner),
Jumping into deep sea. ( If sea is not accessible, then probably the old, rotten well in the backyard would suffice)
Accidents ( sure way of a rendezvous with Yema-Darma Raja)

Simple isn't it.

Another simple question.

How do we live ? What are the different ways to live ?

Not so simple , isn't it ?

The normal person says,

"What an absurd question. We live. We exist, therefore we live.
How can there be different ways of living. Do you mean work and lifestyle ? Don't confuse yourself and concentrate on the bigger things in life"

And I ask .. "What more bigger or important than LIFE ?"

Says the cynic,

"Life's is, but a journey towards death. All things perish.

Life's wretched ,
A wretched life is meaningless ,
A meaningless life amounts to nothing,
And therefore life itself is nothing.
Therefore going by the premise, life's an illusion, which dreamers chase wantonly. "

And I ask,
Isn't your own wretched life making you to jump to conclusions ? Isn't the fact that others are happy because they are simple, the foremost of your worries ? Don't you at least get some insane pleasure watching others suffer (This is a question only to the cynics and misanthropists. )
In that case, how can you claim that you aren't happy, at least once ?

Says the scientist ,

"biologically, as long as heart beats ,and human body is capable at least one of the six senses, we live".

And I ask,
In that case, even batteries live. They exist , and they expire. (We have rechargeble batteries now, so someday can we bring back the dead ?)

Says the philosopher,

"Thought provoking question. Various theories can be put forward, with each theory subject to different interpretations. It is not simple , otherwise why would it elude meaning for so long? Life's a continuum. If its to die, then why do we have to live ?
If it is to exist physically , why do we feel .
Why do we have emotions ?
Life's better if unanswered, because years will be spent in knowing one's own self. Then by the time we understand life, we would be nearing death."

And what do I say to the philosopher ?
I say nothing.

And what do I say about Life ?

Life's everything. A bit of all of the above. Life's a continuum. Our life doesn't end with us. We spread the wisdom,knowledge,experience and happiness to the next generation.

Life's one BIG bundle. A BIG bundle of emotions.
Care, jealousy, love, lust, agony, ecstasy, sight-seeings, fear, anger, affection, depression, hatred,happiness, loneliness EVERYTHING.

Everyone, will undergo all these emotions, some in abundance, some in trivia. We may pretend that it doesn't exist, we may shun it, we may overlook it, we may feel scared to reveal the nature of ourselves, but yes, they exist. This is life to me.
Experiencing pain and happiness, knowing that no day is alike, awaiting a brand new day, and a brand new beginning , everyday.
Firmly believe in the theory of relativity. Nothing is absolute.
Hatred exists only because love does.
Satan exists only because God does.
Lies exist only because of truth does.
But life ? If I go by the same premise, Life exists only because death does.
So if death kills our body, perishes our soul, then to live implies to CHERISH our soul, to love our existence, knowing that we will never get back this moment.
What we did or didn't do this moment, cannot be reverted .
But still we live, and as long as we exist, we owe ourselves the happiness of existence.
Never letting our spirits die( He he, one mokkai, when we die, we become spirits).
To get a LIFE in short.

To end, I quote one of my favourite quotation,


A little pain, a little pleasure,
A little heaping up of treasure,
Then no more gazing upon the sun,
All things must end that have begun.


P.S. This post has no connection with the earlier one.


vasanth said...

nice post da...
theory of relativity super :)

vigneshkumar said...


Too much of philosophical thoughts and posts poppin up for the past few days from many ppl..

I donno wat s the reason.. tat s makin these ppl to write.. and every person's post hv their own punch n accent..

Urs is at the top, cool and excellent.. and nobody can ever think [only u can think like this, 'coz u r a dash..;)] like this and make such a superb post..

Keep bloggin..

[I thought of thittifying u abt this post, but its diff and coooool.. so polachu po.. unna vittuduraen...]

Prathiba said...

@ Vasanth,

Thanks .

@ Vignesh,

Hey romba thanks da. I chumma wrote whatever came to my mind.
Really glad that you liked it so much. Anyways nee dhaan life-posts series arambicha.
So credit goes to you..

Anonymous said...

pls kill me.....pls.......
Nice presentation....
Keep wriring...keep ur skills growing....


Rangasayee said...

enna ore getting pholosophical and all? something wrong???

Prathiba said...

@ Asheed,

he he he :) Thanks..

@ Rangasayee,

Appo appo i become sensible, all other times, i remain the irrational, non-sensical creature. Poduma ? Unmaiyai othukitten. I am sure, you wont argue on this . he he :)

Sesh said...

hi prathiba,

a very good post.. wat made u think abt all these things at all??? were these things buried in ur mind 4 long n came up to existence jus now??? but analysis of these things portrayed by diff kinds of ppl s jus gr8 :)

Continue dis

Srini said...

Nice Prathiba. Very interesting to observe from different perspectives. Neatly done :)

In my humble opinion, the BIG bundle misses a very nice term - 'Sacrifice'.

"So if death kills our body, perishes our soul, then to live implies to CHERISH our soul, to love our existence"... was the best statement.

Prathiba said...

@ Sesh,

Thanks da. Just like Rowling this sudden flash of brilliance, came when i was on the train( He he..:))
But actually yes, i do keep confusing myself about a lot of things. :(

Prathiba said...

@ Srini,

"But still we live, and as long as we exist, we owe ourselves the happiness of existence. "
I liked this one, the most.

Thanks for mentioning one of the most important . Sacrifice. :)

Vadivel said...

"We have rechargeble batteries now, so someday can we bring back the dead ?" --- I love this thought process :)

Vadivel said...

Prathiba said...

@ Vadivel,

Thanks a lot :)
Started it for fun. Glad to know you liked it :)

swami said...

a post,which is all the more philosophical....but still truth revealing....
the highlight of this post is ur
varied appproach on the topic,by giving out theories in many's point of view...

awaiting for sruthi......

Vasudevan Deepak Kumar said...

Good one... Particularly released this post at the time which is critical for the country.

(*) Too many suicides in the state of Tamil Nadu, due to election results.

(*) Too many helpless suicide attempts because of examination results that were negative in CBSE/State Board.

Let the message reach the masses as effectively as possible.