Thursday, May 18, 2006


Hi All,

As the title suggests this is Thank You post to
For those who don't know about him, (Non-Verizonites) he is a senior analyst, in my company.
Go through his blog, you'll know why he's one the most respected in my organization.

I remember the day, when he sent a mail to all of us, asking us to go through his blog in the ITWB site. :) He had mentioned in the mail, he feels honoured that Shadman Zafar , SVP ,( I hope I have got the person right) took time to go through his blog and comment.
I couldn't help but draw similarities here :)
It feels the same way to have guys like
Vadivel, Deepak, Ramesh go through my blog. (Especially since, I have been doing non-techie posts, most of them being silly) .
Though we( Srini, Vicky, and me) are just fresher's, he was magnanimous to make a post about us My Buddies are blogging.

Thanks a LOT. It means a lot to all of us. Felt good to read about ourselves from a senior person point of view.

P.S. Some more Iobi-Web fresher's are blogging ( Sethu, Vasanth, Seshadri, Ashutosh) Think I have mentioned all people whom I know.
If I have missed to mention someone, pardon me..

Till my next post..


Vadivel said...

Prathiba, a small correct, I am a Systems Engineer at present :)

Btw, thanx for the post.

Vadivel said...

oops typo in my earlier comment .. read it as "a small correction".

Prathiba said...

@ Vadivel,

Sorry :) and Thanks for dropping by.. :)

Srini said...

I second all your thoughts.

Even I feel honoured Vadivel. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

comment pannaradha pathi onnavadhu mention pannirukkalam illa :( - u know who

Vasudevan Deepak Kumar said...


Now, Ramesh is also in the blogosphere. You can have the post edited and his name hyperlinked to