Monday, March 28, 2011

Haven't blogged in the last 18 months

Seriously, it is very hard to imagine that I haven't posted for the last 18 months.
Lots of things changed and lots of new addictions. Surprised to find myself at a loss of words when I want to post something. Maybe it is just conditioning.

Maybe the mind and thus the stimulus to work on something goes away if you have been away from the said thing for long. Maybe that's why they say, "Out of sight, out of mind".
What's really interesting is once you focus on things again, it all just comes back to you. Like a treasure trove waiting to be opened after long.

Other activities in my life overtook my passion for blogging and now it is time to get back.
Hoping to post more often.



Deepak Vasudevan said...

Welcome back to blog-world kitten. It looks like your styling has changed a bit too. The classic 'CIAO' has been succinctly supplanted with a sweet 'Pratz'.

I would also suggest if you bring back that "Sruthi meets monkeys" as a multi-part series

Riaz said...

Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

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