Friday, November 29, 2013

Back in time


After many years am posting today. 

Today was memorable in many sense - had a colleague who is a casual acquaintance leaving the company today. The bunch of freshers who had joined along with her had pulled all stops to give her a very memorable farewell. Right from shooting a video featuring all our team members to getting personalized messages for her - it was nice to see it all and participate in the moment with them

Yes - it did take me back to the time when I quit my first job to pursue masters. 
It did take me back to the moments when I basked in the warmth of friendship
It did take me back to re-live some of the moments which led to tears of joy. 

After marriage I have hardly met any of my friends or have had the long phone calls which I used to cherish. V, B, D & J - in case you are reading this, I miss you guys and love you folks. Miss the multi-hour phone calls where we talked about anything & everything in life. Miss hanging out with you on Saturdays on Sundays. 

Priorities change and I love all the moments with my husband and kid. But some part of my heart selfishly yearns for one day of the my old life where I can just the do the things I used to do back then. Striking a balance and finding time for myself seems a challenge. Hope to rearrange my life and make time for the most important things soon Good luck to myself in my quest to balance life, work, family, friends and my selfish desires. 


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divya said...

Hey Prathi.. I'm reading this post after three years of you posting it. Trust me I know how it feels and how your heart longs for the good old days. Hope to see you and the rest of the folks soon