Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The PeRfEcT Moon

Hi All,

When I was a kid, I used to visit my parents during summer vacation.( I lived with my grandparents). Most of the nights we would sleep under the stars in a wide open space, , which people would normally refer by the term balcony, but which we used to call "Bail". Don't know the origins of the name, but we referred it that way( Still do). Might be because it helped us escape the oven like interior.

I would gaze at the billion stars, trying unsuccessfully to count them. On many occasions (almost every night) would point the constellations to my mom. The Great bear, also called as Ursa Major, The ursa Minor, the Orion, also called the Hunter and so on...Point out the formation of clouds and name them. (Cumulus Nimbus etc)
Used to keep rattling names till she dozed off to sleep.
Of all the times I remember only a crescent moon. (Not a full moon, blooming in its richness, but a crescent moon glorious even in its waning state)

The PeRfEcT moon,
The perfect moon becomes perfect only to become imperfect.
It reaches the highest point only to come down again.
The pinnacle is attained to touch ground zero once more.
Its is adored only to cursed later.

Its the same single moon.
Only the perception of people viewing the moon changes.
The moon struggles, lives through the month to attain full glory. But that moment of glory is transient, vanishes the next day. And it doesn't quit. Doesn't quit through its period of decline.
Rises , and rises once more to become its glorious self.

Humans try to attain perfection, but if perfection is relative, perfection is just a perception of perfection and not really perfection.
There can exist nothing that is perfect, its the limitation of humans to look beyond the obvious, and therefore conceptualize perfection, while it can never exist.
The path that we take to attain the so called perfection is more important, and more vital than the so called perfection itself.

The pinnacle is transitory, but the path is permanent.
Someone else can take your glory, but never your hardwork.
Others can overshadow you, but can never prevent you from experiencing your life.
All that really matters is not whether or when we succeed, but the choices that we make, and the choices that we never give up.
What we make our life in the end hardly matters, but the road we trudged upon to make our life is what matters.

The perfect moon is more perfect and more loved when its just a crescent,
We are more human with our faults, when we try to limit our faults and become a better person.
Never ever judge yourself.
Accept you as you are, and never let go, till you become what you want to become, and still continue beyond, irrespective of the cycles of change. Extreme darkness can only lead to light.



Prathiba said...

My attempt at intelluctual yapping :)

Gardener46 said...

I too like the moon.. The moon looks awesome not when it is FULL, when it is in the ring shape (Pirai Nilavu).


Deepak K Vasudevan said...

The moon is an eternal teacher. There are so many things to learn from the moon and from gazing at the moon during nights.

The ups and downs of life spanning between New Moon and Full Moon day and the periodical eclipses illustrate the various phases in each life.

The moon also calms down very much and is an eternal source of bliss for various poets throughout the world.

HaRiKaran.S said...

Good post prathiba. Yes, it is a teacher for us. We can learn a lot when we got distress by our environment.

Sarathy said...

wow! what a great post and nice thoughts. I used to enjoy the moon from my bed thru' windows...when i was there in my home town... studying..not much of pressure, lot of time for LIFE. even sometimes i used to follow the moon by changing my position...that too when you see thru some coconut trees, wow! nature is always beautiful.
But as the moon moves towards its declining stage , life starts at complete moon and we are slowly loosing the LIFE because of the various factors like we have to earn to live, social pressure etc etc. but that’s not the end, it again comes to top when people reaches an age where they feel all done.
May be this looks like, writings from a de-motivated, non-enthusiastic person, it actually not…..but what I do feel a lot about missing nature, missing a good heart (we became too selfish when we are in 20s to 40s for some reason) and time to help others.
Let’s hope for a brighter & a complete moon at this stage of life itself ( I am late 20s :-)), even though it is against the nature.

Anonymous said...

Good post cat. I like to quote Gita here : "Do your work to your best, never expect anything. Leave the rest(rewards etc) to me(God)".