Monday, December 11, 2006


Hi All,

Back after a long hiatus. September 6 reads the last update !!!
More shocked at my lack of posting. After umpteen promises of updation(in some cases revival) to many of my good friends, I am here finally. (Hopefully my lethargy doesn't continue).

I tried to come back with a bang,
But somewhere missed, and developed a guilty pang,
A heart yearning to write,
Alas, lethargy won over creative light.
So where was I when I wanted to fulfill my heart's desire,
Where did it disappear to, the fire?
And what's my excuse now that I am back,
How am I to escape this genteel sack ?

Happened to come across many a thing,
At times gave a feel that I had sprouted wings,
Of flying high, of feeling glad,
At times slightly sad,
Of learning something of use,
With never ending books making me muse,
Of happiness unadulterated and pure,
with slighting prob's, though with a cure.
With good work to keep my time,
What other work could be more prime ?
I asked myself again and again was this the cause,
And knew by instinct this wasn't the reason for the loss.

Family and work are two halves,
Leaving no quarter or otherwise for anything else,
Considered it a luxury
To take time off to gratify one's own being,
But the minutes before sleep,
During the quiet acceptance of a necessity I let go,
Deciding many a times that procrastination is my greatest foe,
I shed aside a promise I made to myself,
To post this post before I turn into a work/house-elf.

This is my state of UTOPIA I feel,
Transitory it maybe,I make another "me-myself" promise-deal,
Who said promises are meant to be broken ?
Not while a hope remains open.

Hmmm so thats how it goes.. This is what will happen when one happen's to read Vikram Seth :) Love his book "A Suitable Boy", which never seem to end.
And at last about to finish it, which again adds to my euphoria.
Hopefully will be back soon.

CIAO and CIAO soon.


Vasudevan Deepak Kumar said...

Hi Kitten,

Today morning in the Weather forecast, Chennai Monsoon Hero, Ramanan was telling there is going to weather. I thought this guy is just blabbering as usual. I did'nt bring umbrella also. Now after a long hibernation, the little kitten started to blog.

Good! Keep it up.... Keep up the spirit and catch up the blogging spree...

You have already starved a trillion of your International Audience of good reading for more than two months. Now with the in cognito over, we eagerly anticipate at least a post a day. :) Am I too greedy?

Take care...

Deepak Vasudevan

Vignesh Kumar said...

Too good for a post after a very looooong time..
I thought you wer seriously into ur proj and got no time.. Huh...
Aana, Romba over-a novels padichu oru vazhi aayitaenu mattum theriyudhu..

Engayoooo poita po :D

swami said...

"With good work to keep my time,
What other work could be more prime ?
I asked myself again and again was this the cause,
And knew by instinct this wasn't the reason for the loss."

Adding to the Oxymoron fever, i was able to correlate this entire sentence to a Oxymoron(justifying an unjustifiable act).
a good,clean justification made for the most unjustifiable act of not keeping urself posted in the recent time.
-amazing stuff preethi..this very sentence and vocabulary usage signs ur comeback, certainly u r back with a bang....keep it up..

the other thing tat impressed me was,

"Who said promises are to be broken ?
Not while a hope remains open."
-very impressive :-)

and not but least..thanks for knowingly are unknowingly crediting sethu..............

any guess?????????????

u have used my name in this post...
"This is wat will happen when one happens to read Vikram "Seth" :)Love his book "A Suitable Boy", which never seems to end..........."

thanks once again:-)

HaRiKaran.S said...

It is a good post ma...

Keep posting in regular intervals...

Prathiba said...

@ Deepak,

Trillion of internationational audience ? Too much :)
One post a day is slightly difficult..Will try my best to maintain one post a week

Prathiba said...

@ Vignesh,

Hey very very happy to see your comment here. that too immediately after i posted this..
Thanks da .. :)
Konjam velai irundhudhu , but more book reading :))

Prathiba said...

@ Sethu ,

True i did get inspired to make a post after your kavidhai reading session. :)
Thanks for the same :)

Prathiba said...

@ Hari,

Thanks na :)

Seshu said...

Hey Prathiba,

Its a real bang after a long hiatus, as u've mentioned(dint copy d word ;))

D poetry s jus gr8.. lotta words dat fit in very well.. cool..

If we live in Utopia, ther'll b no change n thrill.. good dat ur UTOPIA s transitory n make ur eagerly readers/fans(like me ;) - no flattering) spend time interestingly..

keep it up..

Prathiba said...

@ Seshu,

Thanks da :)

Anonymous said...


I didnt understood the post first.. after reading the comments and hitting dictionary site for 27 times i understood something.

This post is a banana juice for others and mixed fruit juice for me :)

-- Gardener46.

luthfullah said...

How do you feel as the first lady in waitinG?
Oh don't blush. Iam just joking. you are not that prathiba.
You should be feeling very proud that a lady with your name will be occupying the Rashtrapathy Bhawan.