Monday, September 04, 2006


Hi all,

One of my friends sent me this link. Worldometers Was really humbled to realise how insignificant we all are compared to the universe we all are.
Made me to realise we could be making some difference somewhere to someone. No life is insignificant when it has got a caring heart that beats for it .

Thought of penning a few words..
Small maybe our quest,
More maybe the time we invest,
But for those who trust,
We have to be our very best.

Hmmm and got this cute little gif image in a forward. Thought of sharing it too.. :)

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Deepak Kumar Vasudevan said...


This is a relatively deeper philosphical thought though. In a way, the purpose of any earthling is to help one another and in the process serve the Lord Almighty without any preconcieved notions or prejudices or succumbing to mundane worldly pleasures.

We can not underestimate the utility value of any object on earth. Each and every atom has its own utility value designated by the omnipotent Almighty. There is a famous Tamil saying 'Siru Thurumbum Pal Kutha Udhavum'.

It is unfortunate that mankind is kind of showing unrelented and unprecedented signs of cruelty to Mother Nature in the forms of deforestation, uncontrolled slaughter and cruelty to animals and in a way, this reflects and triggers the angry and fury of Mother Nature.

More than mankind, the dumb fauna friends and passive floral friends have more utility value. There is one Tamil film, by Rajani (forgot the film name) where he came as milk vendor. In the very famous song, there used to one lyrics which would go to uphold the values of poor animals and floral fantasies.

HaRiKaran.S said...


Naan intha linkai broadband connection vantha vudane padikiren ma. Innum rendu naalil connection vandhu vidum ma.

Vignesh Kumar said...

Nice link

Gardener46 said...

One more News..

In England for an average a women in 2 yrs is spending about 30,000 millon indian rupees.

For Hair colouring alone an average of 20,000 Ruppes is spent by a women for 2 months.

This count is also increasing rapidly..

ramya said...
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HaRiKaran.S said...


Romba usefulana link ma. My first blog comments from my house internet connection. From now, i ll check it daily.


vasanth said...
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vasanth said...

nice link... but dont know how true it is... atleast the live visitor count provided at the end of that page should be true

vigneshkumar said...

From the JS file of tat site, its clear that; they have got some STATISTICAL RATIO for all these things from some analysis.. and they are juz mulitplying that ratio with the Time Field taken from ur System, and replacing the DIVs in the Page..

So, if u try changing ur Time to Future, also u wll get the Results.. Obviously they are from the mux of those ratios...!!!

The good thing, they hav don s n gettin tat *RATIO*

Srini said...

Interesting :) Also check

@ Vicky, 'un buddhiya kaamchitta paathella' :)