Monday, July 03, 2006

New "old" template

Hi All,

First, feels nice to back in my turf. ( He he :) Nice to have good things beside you ).
Since I changed back to my old template, thought of writing about it.

Disclaimer : All statements that follow are exaggerated and intended only to make others smile :) (Yeah you can laugh or cry. Depends on you much you can tolerate mokkai's;)
Note: Mokkai is a word in Tamil meaning -Superlative usage of "blaydu". Jokes that literally kills or capable or causing extensive damage. Source - Wikipedia )

Made a blunder in changing the template.
Didn't feel like making a post after the change.
Felt alienated(???) in my OWN blog (!!!).
It defeated the whole purpose of blogging for me( Which is to make it as personal as possible . To find my own space, my own identity )

Learnt some important life lessons (???) from this incident.

1) Never go for something that looks good on others. It would not suit you in most cases. Things that work for others does not always work for you. The other template looked professional, nice and is obviously a better choice. But it didn't suit me at all. For the simple reason my blog is not professional. Its personal, the space for my over flowing thoughts ( yeah that's in the header).
Go for only those things that suit you.

2) Never feel ashamed to turn back , once you made a blunder. Its never right to live with a wrong. Once you correct yourself,it gives you immense satisfaction.

3) Always embrace the good things that shaped you into who you are now .In my case it was my blog.

4) Errr.... Don't have a fourth life lesson to write about :)

Feeling light and bright .

Till my next post.



vigneshkumar said...

Hey prat,
Ha ha ha...
I can imagin hw u wud hv felt while revertin back to the old template.. He he he.. :D prat :)

Ennoda template ok va.. naanum change pannaen, but i think tats okay.. Wat u say ??

vasanth said...

i liked only the 4th point...learnt a lot from the 4th point... thats going to change my life... that has opened my "nattri kanu" ;)...

HaRiKaran.S said...


Point#2 is a good one to follow...

Varun Paniyath said...

thks 4 ur comments....seems ur an expert blogger.just gimme few tips how to utilise this thing .

Prathiba said...

@ Vignesh,

Template is good. And thanks :)
Celebrated Marina's b'day today :)

@ Vasanth Hari,

lol. Thanks :)

Prathiba said...

@ Varun,

Welcome to my blog :)
Hmmm enna kooda tips kepangannu edirparkala :)
Thanks ..
Hmmm i write whatever i feel like.. Looking forward to your posts :)
ou can make a tech blog, or personal blog. Depends on your interest. Plus is gives immense satisfacti0on to see our words in print..

vigneshkumar said...

Hey prat,
Nerd-score : 86.. Ooooohhh
High-Nerd.. Ha ha ha :D

Unnayellam enna panrathu.. huh..
I got around 70 i think.. ;)

vigneshkumar said...

Hey prat,
Go to ur template and first edit
the Haunts section:

Google ->
Gmail ->

And change the links.. If u r using..
Ha ha ha.. :D

ramya said...

Great oppurtunities come to those who make the most of small ones.
idhu dhan unnoda secret of success aa??? :):)