Sunday, June 25, 2006

New Template

Hi All,

He He.. :) Changed my template. The old template wasn't as neat as this.
Thanks Srini.



Vasudevan Deepak Kumar said...

Hi Prathiba,

This template looks pretty cool. Some more lexical suggestions:

(*) In the Introduction and elsewhere, Proper Nouns are to be capitalized.

vigneshkumar said...

Hey prat...
Wer s Shruti's next post ?????? Make tat first..

And it shud include all *those* kurumbus :) :)

Vadivel said...

I liked your old template.

I feel that your old template suited your blog posts much better than this.

[Btw, I too have the same template .. since i thought this have a professional look !!!]

Prathiba said...

@ Deepak,

Thanks for your valuable suggestions. Will change them :)

@ Vignesh,

Sure, will write about Shruti soon. And will write about the kurumbus :)

Prathiba said...

@ Vadivel,

Odd that you mention it. Somehow didn't feel like making a post ever since i changed the template. (Might be because i am used to my template. )
Also whenver i look at my new template feel as though i am reading Your's or Srini's :)

Thinking of changing back. Probably when i start (hopefully soon) tech blog will use the "professional" template .

By the way posts kozhandai thanama irukkunnu kalaichitinga :) Jus kidding :)

Vadivel said...

LOL I never thought your blog posts to be "Kuzhandhai thanam". I must admit, I love going through your blog.

Btw, I thought its more of fun / general thoughts which you talk here and not Tech related or any business related stuff. So IMHO your old blog template would be a better choice than this one.

Prathiba said...

@ Vadivel,

:) Thanks. Will revert back ASAP :)
Prob make a post about it too :)

Srini said...

parava illaye.. en per anga inga adipattaalum innum damage aagalaye.. aacharyama irukku :)