Sunday, July 23, 2006

Imsai Arasan 23aam Pulikesi

Hi All,

The title says it all. Saw the movie yesterday.
Liked it a lot. The chief reason being, Vadivelu.
An amazing actor. Real fun to see him with the curved up mustache.
The whole movie is just mindless and senseless humor.
For people who expect movies to be logical, better avoid this one.
The movie's strength lies in its irrationality and illogicity ( For those who are wondering whether illogicity is a valid and established word, I checked it. It is :)).
Whatever the critics might say, worth the money you pay for a ticket.
Though it isn't as funny as one would like it to be, the movie still entertains.

The plot is very simple, twins are separated during birth by the scheming back - stabbing
Raja-Guru ( Chief- Tutor). While one ( the 23rd Pulikesi becomes a puppet and a pawn in the hands of the Raja-Guru , the other twin, Ukkrabuddhan goes on to become a great warrior ( who later becomes the savior)

Meanwhile the innocent Pulikesi is brain washed to extend full support to the British regime in India. Ukkrabuddhan saves the day, by the age old double-act. By swapping places with his twin, defeats the British and reforms the Raja-Guru . All live happily ever after.

The movie is simple and straight forward.It doesn't carry stupid sentiments and is a welcome change. A decent movie which can be watched by anyone. After so long a family entertainer in its truest sense. The movie has its own setbacks too , like for instance the music could have been better. The plot could have been made lot funnier . But if we don't encourage such movies right now, then there might come a time, when only "Dada"type movies are produced.
This may not be the best effort, but nevertheless it is undoubtedly a good effort.
Can definitely be watched once. :)



shankar said...

Hmmm..imsai arasan a great comedy film...its the only film for which i was laughing for almost each and every frame...i think it resembles like an old sivaji film uthama puthiran...

i think logic is not necessary when u make comedy film,when logic to be involved u cannot expect such a huge level of comedy in the films as like imsai arasan...:)

HaRiKaran.S said...


Its true ma. Its really a family entertainer, and a sentiment less movie.

Its a good change...


ramya said...


After we people attended many interviews, we thought we need a change of mind.we saw this movie along with bros and sisters last saturday.sure this s a family entertainer. nice.:)

vigneshkumar said...

Hey prat,

No Tamil movies in theatres here in Hyd.. Even CD's havnt come here for this one..

Hmm.. But this weekend Chennai varrappa, i dont wanna waste hours sitting in theatre.. Lets see wat am gonna do.. Huh !!

vigneshkumar said...

One more thing..
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for writing such Post-Topics.. and even wen u scrap in Orkut..

He he he :D, Eppadi advertise panrom paathaela..

Vasudevan Deepak Kumar said...


Good Post on Imsai Arasan -- 23aam Pulikesi. I think good movies have almost become like Mahamagam festival. This seems to be like that. A good film is one which can be watched along with family and friends, that is devoid of violence, sans glamour or obscenity or whatever they call it and which can be a true family entertainer.

I feel, from the trailers and the comedy clips shown in Tamil TV Channels, that this film is truly fitting this criterion, after a long gap of family entertainers that I think Visu used to screenplay and direct.

My assumptions are emphasized and the greatness of the film, is truly visible from the comments of the peer readers of this post.