Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Need for recognition

Hi All,

The topic itself is self-explanatory. Everyone of us like to be appreciated, be it a simple word of appreciation or a grand occasion in our honor. We love to be appreciated.

Which is why most companies, try to boost employee morale by having contests such Anthakshari, Dumb Charades or in my case "The best looking workstation hunt " :)
Being so particular and choosy about the dresses and items I choose, thought .. why not ? I convinced myself thinking that i have enough aesthetic sense to decorate my workstation :)

Registered my name at the last day of nominations .
And instantly regretted the decision. On a floor of 400 ,how does it look if one (only one)stay late so that she can decorate( ???????? ) her workstation. People were highly amused at the stuff , rather the range of articles I brought from home. They kept shooting glances at my direction, wondering what I was upto. On top of that my good friends were kalachifying ( kalachifying is word in Tamil. Meaning to tease in a funny manner which generally doesn't hurt) at my interest. I had second thoughts to remove all that I made and go home. But some part of me held on. ( The truth was, having come this far, I didn't wanna turn back. Also didn't wanna lose face by being a spoil sport)
Just thought, what the heck (!!!) let me participate.

The next morning I got early so that I can buy flowers to place inside a crystal bowl. ( Made the flowers to float inside the bowl ) But Murphy's law proved true . Once more :) Came late to office. The moment I entered office, was astonished, happy , overjoyed and dismayed at the same time. (In the same order) Astonished because there were others like me, who gone to even more lengths for decoration :) Happy because of the same. And dismayed too because of the same .:)
I had competition :(((

But then the entire Iobi-Web came to my rescue.
They helped me by contributing all the articles they possessed , right from Lakshmi Ma'am 's Vinayagar(s), to Marina's scented candles (hmm if I am to mention all of her contribution , it will take the entire space ), Raja's watch to Seshadri's mobile stand, Srini's calendar and greeting card, to Sesh's candle holder(s), and of course Sam's elephant and angel to Asheed's and Rajesh's pens.Everybody pitched in and contributed whatever they had :) Felt so good to have people helping me out :)
And above all my lead Wudali's awesome handwork. He made football(s), an ink-pot, a gift box, all out of thin paper. So deft with paper :) It caught everyone's attention and is worth a special mention :)

Then came the make-shift ideas, tied a bow around the gift-box made by my lead, the letter box made out of a poster. The collage of my school photos . The last minute adjustments and speech preparation. He he. It was awesome. Definitely one of the best day at Verizon.

Time for the judges
Two judges came and asked me the routine questions. What was the idea behind this ? Was this made by you ? How many items here, do you have on a regular basis ? Does having these things beside you help you to relax ?
Answered all questions truthfully. Didn't feel like lying. :)

The moment of truth.
After hours of waiting for the results, during which time, all the parvaialargals( the spectators) curiosity as to whether I won a prize could not be sustained.
Decided no point in waiting .. Let me go and have some snacks :) While I was in the cafeteria, one of my friends called up, and told that I got SPECIAL ACCOLADES in the Best Looking workstation hunt :) the my instant reaction was who won the first ( All along , ten eager faces were waiting near me, the faces expectant because of the call I received ) And yeah , I mentioned all three (Un-Intentionally, of course) winners without revealing that won a special prize.

Then I struck me. I did win. Even if its a special prize. On hearing it my friends broke into an instantaneous applause .:) I was really really happy :)

And hence the title.

As a blogger , the need for recognition is satisfied by the a single line comment .
As a poet, when the beauty of our words is appreciated.
As a programmer, when our code executes without any "object reference not set" kinda errors.
As a teacher , when we are able to inspire,
As a friend , when we are trusted and confided with,
As a philosopher, when the thought process is appreciated,
As a musician , when our sounds enthrall ,
As an artist, when our art work is beyond boundaries,
As a kid, when the innocent look places a smile on the lips of others,
As a inventor, when inventions rock the world,
As a human, when we live and let live :)

( There I go again :) Sentimental fool :) )

This post is dedicated to all those who helped me, encouraged me. It takes more than a good heart to let a person step forward when he took the only first step.
THANKS A LOT :) For the encouraging words and act.



Srini said...

Single line comment - "Congrats" !! :)

Vasudevan Deepak Kumar said...

The night before you showed me a sneak preview of your workstation as a 'test run', we had the intuition that this would really be a special appearance and should win the contest, though, you had got nominated quite late.

I heartily congratulate for the special accolades from the jury towards the most enchanting workstation that you have architect besides also appreciating the stand inspite of sinister remarks from the unrelated audience stuff. This is always there. Simply put, there would be indisciplined riot mob, which would try to discourage the parade or the good-goal event and the only things that can be done is:

(*) Ignore
(*) 'Shoo-Shoo' away them.

We can not simply keep afraid of these creatures. There are lot of milestones to conquer. I would'nt like to keep on appreciating you on this. This is just one small taste of victory. I would like my friend to keep winning more laurels in the future too. And do blog them. It does just not make an interesting read. But I am sure that would be an enormous source of inspiration of other peers with a definite positive outlook and vision.

Well! Turning into the optimisting perspective of the contest, I really agree that such contests are very much necessary to infuse and incorporate more vibrant dynamism into the atmosphere, amidst the melee of mundane chores that we are used to. This refreshes and rejuvenates the mind in more ways than one to confront situations and also catalyse the efforts in conquering more milestones, winning more laurels and enchanting the world with achievements.

Once again, Congrats and all the best for winning more laurels and achievements...

ramya said...

"congraaats dear":)

Varalakshmi said...

Too gud prathiba!!
Especially ur defnition in terms of Friend,programmer,kid,teacher etc., etc., is really amazing.. I liked tat very much...

And as a blogger here is the appreciation :) Keep it up!! Congratz!!

vigneshkumar said...

Hi prat..
I was juz visualizing everything, every gr8 moments tat went on.. scene by scene..

The post s soooo gud tat it took me to the places wer i hv been, the ppl with whom i hv been.... even the way u wer tellin all these things in phone the other day hasnt made those things inside me..

Cooooll and am happy abt the things tat happend...

Ur aesthetic sense s always at the top pa.. even i used to see those framed slam sheets tat u ppl hv given me time and again.. and feel gr8 abt the way tat u hv done the things... :)

And so.. congrats again.. I wll surely get a treat from u wen i come to Chennai.. He he he :D

Above all the last para explainin abt the need fr recognition is also at the peak...

So, u had a very gr8 time, and also must ve got satisfied with [yet another] very gr8888 post in ur blog...

Keep smiling and enjoying..

HaRiKaran.S said...


Too good blog ma. Friday memories came to our mind again. Keep it up!


Sesh said...

Hwy Prathiba,

It was ur vigour that u wanted to participate n win somethin.. keep it up..

Twosome is Awesome


Prathiba said...

@ Srini and @ Ramya,

Thanks :)

Prathiba said...

@ Deepak,

Thanks a lot. With people like you on my side, ignoring the comments of others is an easy task :)

There are really many milestones to conquer. Absolutely true :)

Prathiba said...

@ Varalu and @ Hari anna,

Thanks :) Romba sandoshma irukku. Infact more happy with this post than the prize.. :)

@ Sesh,

Thanks da :) You remem the twosome is awesome line :)

Prathiba said...

@ Vignesh,

Hey i am really so happy to see such a long comment from you :)
Happy to know, it revived the memories..

Enannu solla.. Cannot help but feel wonderful..with your comment. (Btw thanks for the appreciating my errrr aesthetic sense .)

And yes you guessed right. This post gives me more satisfaction than the prize itself. and the fact that i have so many people around me to help me out is even more comforting..:)

And its the same for you too. We are all always there for you da :)

Vadivel said...

Congrats Prathiba :)

swami said...

good preethi...congrats..for ur winning stand..
more over ur words on how and wat makes a person feel contentfull on wat they have created was good...
keep going..