Sunday, March 26, 2006

Thee By En'Core

Hi All,

I went to the release of this album. It was a simple ceremony.. But their music, in a total contrast to them .. Totally professional.. Read about the album review in lazygeek Couldn't resist quoting it here.
"Now a bunch of guys, naming their band as Encore have come out with a Tamil pop album Thee. They sent across an email with a pointer to their music samples. Listening even to the first one, I've to say I'm thoroughly impressed. At first it seemed like an email to get some blog bandwidth but they sure rock. Their title number, Thee has some amazing strings and some superb rhythm programming(notice the aygiri nandhini tune jammed in-between). The music sounded very professional and nothing close to being an amateur troupe. I just glanced down to read the credits and saw Percussion - Sivamani, Bass - Keith Peters. Both, masters in their own areas. And the label of release was Saregama. The singers list had Devan, Malgudi Suba and Chinmayi. Seems like they got the big fishes in the industry for their album. Apart from their title track Thee, I also liked Dhinam Dhinam and Chinmayi's Thaai Polavae(can't sing at a lower pitch than this).
Though one has to listen the entire album before jumping to a conclusion, I loved majority of their samples and am looking forward to the rest. Encore formed by Bharat / Jagdhish / Karthik / Krishna and Katz are trying to revive Tamil Pop. I hope and wish their attempts gets noticed and reaches out to the masses. "
Another one by Suresh Kumar :
The most likeable thing about the album is the way they have beautifully built the layers one over the other in preludes and interludes of the songs. The layers in harmony and nice orchestration make us feel ecstatic when we listen to them. Also they have tried different sounds and fusion and it has worked out well. Summing up, Encore proves that they have a fire within with their debut album “Thee”.

To quote these guys "Life is short; We wanted to make life worthwhile through our music. We have started the first step, but still as Robert Frost's saying goes, "We have miles to go before we sleep"...... "

I have heard the songs over and over again.. Believe me , its a great effort. Worth every single peeny you speand on this.Wish i had lived upto my own expectations :(
Still i can though :)



vigneshkumar said...

Its great and good to hear tat these guys have got such a gr8 response.. Hats off to them.. And prathi u cud ve also wrote something besides quoting others words.. :)

Prathiba said...

Hey Vignesh,

Please da photo mathu. Bayama irukku :) Hope you don't mind..
By the way thanks for the comment. I could have written about them, but for some pretty obvious reasons ( which you ought to know) i din't write my personal viewpoint. And yep i am really happy for those guys :)

Srini said...

I still haven't gota chance to listen to it.

Prathiba said...

Hey Srini,
Do buy it then . Its a great album .

vasanth said...

i listened to the songs... its really gr8 :)