Thursday, January 12, 2006

Fear that i can't express the depth of what i feel...

Hi All,

I am writing this in a sober mood.
Part of me crying, part of me jumping out with joy,
Partly in ecstasy , partly in agony...
Too many emotions that can't be defined. I know the cause, i just read something, which is too wonderful , absolutely brilliant, emotionally binding, that tears were the natural course of it..
All other unfortunate souls who cannot read coz i lost it.. lost it forever...
Read a truth unleashed...
Too good that it i feel worhtless to write my own version for the fear of losing the sanctity of what's been written..
Words... how deep, how natural, how powerful..
Is there a sword too sharp to cut like words, or a knife that can pierce through your heart leaving a scar forever and ever..
Felt worthless to read it.. Because i don't deserve to read such pure, untold , submission of self..
Just not worth that much..
Somehow, some angel blessed me with such luck..
Today's the most memorable day in my life cause , though i can't explain the implications of what i read, the significance have to be said... Not to do so, will only trap me in my own grief , agony and ecstasy.
Confusing isn't it. Too feel all the emotions at the same time ... Too have all bundled up, that you can't recognise your own feelings, nor understand the prevalent mood , with the present being of no consequence , a feeling of numbness that doesn't subside, making you confused more than ever. Making you an alien to yourself.. I don't find it odd. It has been a way of life all the time..
Wary of surroundings and place, i neither think nor react, not even aware of what i am doing or supposed to do..
A single article... a single man's greatness, wishing it could have been otherwise ...
But fate... and fear that i have expressed too much...

Without a beginning , and an end i quit this ...



vigneshkumar said...

"Confusing isn't it. Too feel all the emotions at the same time ... "

Is that same time or SAMETIME.. Now i have understood to some extent, what u have written... he he he

Muruganandham said...

Hey Prathi,

Padikaravan evanum thoonga koodadhunnu dhaanae indha post?

You need not fear. You have expressed your feelings deeply & nicely. But enakku dhaan nee endhanaala ippadi feel panniyirukkannu theriyala. :)

Anonymous said...


This s sesh.. sorry to comment after a long time.. UNMAYA SOLLU ENNATHUKKU ITHANA BUILD UP????