Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Feels nice to be remembered

Hi All,

Its been long since I posted.. Was not free (read :not busy) . Just not free!!!
I have been thinking about this blog for quite a few days..
About the people who don't matter to us, but who touch with their warmth and honesty.
They are unforgettable people in my life. Though I don't even know their names. They are the kind of people we meet everyday on the roads, nothing extraordinary about them , but people blessed with something which most of us, in this materialistic world have forsaken.
They are kind, attach value to humans. ( I have been with them for utmost 5 minutes) .Yet their aura was so powerful that they really make me wonder..

One is a salesman in a huge textile showroom.(The one that I frequent) The person is atleast 20 years elder to me. Yet he called me Madam .. That hurt. ( Its the same when the security people in my office refer me by the same) Just working in reputed firm , and earning more than these people doesn't qualify me to be treated that way. What sort of world this, which judges a person by their bank balance.. Anyway coming back to this guy, he was so honest. He could have cheated me quoting a price far above the original, and I would have bought the salwar for the same, but he chose not tooo. Lotsa people are honest I agree, but the amount of dedication he showed to his work overwhelmed me.. Before I left I just told him, one day you will start your own shop. He seemed both happy and embarrassed by the remark.
The next time I went to the shop, I was a bit preoccupied and didn't notice his attempts to catch my eye.. Just when I was about to leave the shop, I noticed him and went to him and said HI ..Do you remember me'
He replied 'ungala eppadi madam( no madam please) marakka mudiyum' meaning --how can I forget you' chatted with him for few minutes (showed him the bag he sold me on the previous purchase) Its felt really nice to be remembered by him.

The other person is a road side vendor. We buy groundnut from him. (i.e. my mom used to buy, occasionally I accompanied her .But that was long back. Recently when I went to my old place after a long time , I just came across the vendor. So thought of buying groundnut..
He remembered me. And not just me.. My mom... My brother..He even remembered where my brother studied..I was really surprised (I was really happy).

Both are honest people, who attached great importance to people. They could have been just another person on the road , who doesn't give a damn about anything else.
They just restored my faith in humans.. Its requires greatness to instill faith.
I salute and bow to their greatness.

Till my next post...


bharat said...

how abt u remembering ppl u've known better than sum arbit. saree/groundnut guy?

Sreejith said...

Made me wonder about all those people who have small but significant effect on our life :) great post.

Anonymous said...

hey this is ur college junior...nice blog u hav got here...keep updating

Anonymous said...

update regularly u lazy bones

Prathiba said...

@ Bharat
I do remember most whom i come across. I may not appear to be so :) for some obvious reasons :)

@ Sreejith,
Thanks. Nice to see your comment here

Prathiba said...

@ Anonymous,

OOps still i can't guess who u r :) how about leaving your name here next time .Thanks for the comment :)

Prathiba said...

@ Abinav ,

Do i know you ?