Friday, December 16, 2005

Crap,Crap and more Crap!!!

Hi All,

Long time since i made a post. To be honest , didn't wanna post Tagged - Part II so soon. Especially since many people apreciated it. (Now i am scared that i will diasppoint them with part -II ) And also i din't have anything to write about. Infact i am clueless as to what this blog is gonna be, hence the title - Crap, Crap and more Crap!!!
Let me try poetry ... (another crap one )
I looked up , and saw clear blue sky,
Looked down, saw a butterfly,
But what made me cry ,
A single stolen potato fry !!!

Thats what i said at the beginning, its just Crap, Crap and more Crap !!!

Another one,

I sat up thinking about what to write,
So that my wordings sound right..
I have to consider's reader's plight,
Which is why i'm crapping light !!!

Huh, will i ever write something witty and thought provoking ???
Doubt it, but will try it, attempt it ... one day i might!!!
One day i will !!!

We have to go a long way, to reach what we desire,
To know what we desire, itself takes a long time to know,
The truth is, are we ready to spare time?
To know what we cherish, what we desire?
Think , one day you might know the answer !!!

Didn't wanna sound sentimental, but therei go again,
Sentimental , YOUNG fool..
Don't know what else to blog , so i end it here, guess it not exactly crap.
But when what i wrote, is not what i wanted to write ,
Then its crap right ????
Huh knew that i would somehow bring logic into what i write.

By the way did i write to sound like crap, and argued that even though it wasn't crap, that it is. Huh Crap again. I have gone crazy!!!

I could take two sides and argue both sides , but i think i have crapped enough, so bye for now.



Muruganandham said...

Now tell me. Is writing this Comment is a crap?

It is a nice poem. In Tamizh we used to say,

"Kirukalgal dhaan nalla paata varum"

- Cheers

Prathiba said...

Thanks muruganandham,

You should be the judge. whether its crap or not, ought to decided by you :)

Thanks for the encouragement too ...

Muruganandham said...

When is the next crap?? :)

Hey i wanted to ask you something. To publish the comment we need to give word verification. How to implement that in my blog??

Prathiba said...

Hi Muruganandham,
The "word verification" option can be found on the"Settings |Comments tab" for your blog.
In that you have an option called
"show word verification for comments"
Select "yes" option in that.Hope its clear ..
Thanks for ur comment.

Muruganandham said...

Thanks a lot Prathi. :)

I can call you with that name huh?

Prathiba said...

Hi Muruganandham,

Yep you can call me by that name :)

Muruganandham said...

Thanks Prathi :)

Have u visited my blog??

kulfi said...

tagged again!!! check out the tag format...see my blog...

vigneshkumar said...

You have proved urself as a gr8 Loose.. [juz kiddin..].. he he he