Monday, November 21, 2005

Tagged -1st part

Hi all,

Though i don't really agree with tagging, i still go ahead with it. Only because i thought it could turn out to be fun after all.
Well in this first part of the "i don't know how many series are there" i would like to share some moments, which are truly precious to me.
In the Chronological order

1. When my kindergaden teacher slapped me 'coz i was very naughty.
2. When my third language teacher beat me coz i wasn't able to read. I scored the highest during the rest of the year in that subject only to show her that i wasn't a dumb person.
3. The first time, i won an inter school oratorical competition.
4. The time i went and complained to my school teacher that guys aren't behaving the way they should( I still feel ashamed about it).
5. My first attempt at acting. Well it was a very fine day. My house was to perform the last. The play was a hilarious one. We had rehearsed so well. Only hitch was that , the moment we went onstage, there was turn of events and a big downpour. Probably the rain wanted to bless us.
6. The time , when we all we about to return from tuition classes. I remeberd that the one of my friends had my note book. She was ahead of me. Then i did , "the one thing" which all my friends still laugh at. I ran clutching my cycle, while instead i could have just cycled. didn't even realise it. Turned back and gave a puzzled look at my friends. It was only later when all laughter had subsided they decided to tell me what happened. (you can guess what happened after that)
7. This too was onstage, i was onstage singing a solo song. My friend, who was at the end of the auditorium, was making faces. And in front of the all the school students( it happened in another school) i shouted at him. Huh? i din't stop at that. I went right back to the satge and resumed from where i had paused. (I wish that atleast i could have started from a stanza instead of the exact line where i let off).
8. When my teacher sent me to thank another teacher for her timely help. I misheard it as dance. I was in my 5th std i guess. The teacher was with the 9th std students. I just went upto her and said "DANCE" . You could guess what happened after that.(Hey it just shows, i never listen to other people right from childhood :)) I could have stopped at that. Buit then again with an eagerness and curiosity thats typical me , i went and asked my teacher what wasit, and promptly went and conveyed the message to the other one(This time i got it right though)
9. I used to stay back and help my ma'am. I used to carry the attendance register for the tuition classes for students of classes 6th upward. (i started doing this when i was in5th) After school hours. The vice principal was very impresssed with me that , one day he walked to my class and gave me a geometry box( I still have it) for my good work.
10. The first time a person said "I love you" .
11. The moment my best friend's parents let me decide (or rather advice) what course would suit their daughter better. Its one thing to be trusted by friends, but its an entirely different thing when Their parents love yuo as their own.
12. The time a person, whom i really cared about, made me cry, and rendered a sweet sincere apology the very next minute. (We are still very good friends)

Guess thats not in the chronological order..
The list goes on, so many memories to share. Will do that in part 2.
Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

7 is undoubtedly the Best !! Hearing u singing itself is a full-length comedy...Your school ppl are lucky chaps, to see that in action.

Next in line 6,2(shld we believe this?),8 and 4.


Anonymous said...

6th one was too good a clearly reflected ur amatuer nature...
a guy proposing u.. very poor feel.. but lucy enough to miss...

sethuram's comments.....

Muruganandham said...

Is there a link between 10 & 12?? ;-)

Prathiba said...

nope there isn't any connection between 10 and 12 :)

Muruganandham said...

When is ur second part??

Awaiting eagerly.... :)