Sunday, May 10, 2009


Hi All,

Random? Or is it so? Felt like writing about few odd topics I came across during the day :) 
2) On a whim clicked random (was it?) article link in wikihow and this was random order of articles.
1) Double your salary using an algebraic loophole :) - Funny anyone thought the math could fool
2) How to collect business reply mail and similar postcards - Really funny/silly - especially the warning section. 
3) How to hide from your sister - he!!! he!!! point 7 applies to me. So "bros" of the world - you can run but you can't hide. 
4) How to make cranberry sauce - finally something that's useful - i am of course discounting the fact that I may never make it, but as most other self-proclaimed chefs like to know the recipe :D
5) How to make a soda bottle volcano - this experiment was widely circulated through email, but the video's good :)
6) How to manage wikihow while on a heavy school schedule - hmmm!!! this does get addictive
7) How to get lite - reminds me of ISB parties :(
8) How to learn Spanish (Sticky note method) - whoa!!! never knew learning a language was so easy. Needn't have wasted on the french course, which I didn't attend, last year
9) How to gently dump a "clingy" friend - really mean :( :( 
10) How to preform a simple leap over stairs - the only thing that comes to my mind is that the people contributing to those articles were as jobless as the person writing this article :D

Food for thought - wonder why we call this sequencing random while evidently they have been programmed
Beverage for thought 'coz you already had food - wonder how I happened to read the article on Randomness and then unintentionally of course start a random article spree. Maybe randomness is not quite err.... random. 

By the way didn't explain how I ended up reading the first wikihow article.  It was the random article after I googled on "how to keep your house cool without air conditioning". For all Chennaiites - it is quite simple and common sensical, but google search just "puts things in perspective:. he he :)

That's' all folks. Meet you some other time. 


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