Sunday, January 04, 2009

Course Crisis

Hi All,

The start of every elective term has been the same - is this right? is there something better that I can do? I am mistaken? forget credit crisis, welcome to the world of course crisis. 

There are few good courses which I feel will be some value appropriation to the investment in ISB - but the amount of time investment for "learning" the course makes me think twice
There are other courses that are entertaining and worth sitting in the class for - but not much value addition.
There are few other courses which are a complete waste of time - but make life easy. 

So there is the classis dilemma - amongst what's good, what's easy and what's entertaining. 

Therefore the year starts this way. Not sure whether I ought to go with the good courses I had taken this term. Will decide after sampling the courses - which is actually unlike me - usually stick with the courses I had taken initially. Yeah, times are changing and sometimes we need to change and let go of what we wanted because that's not good for us. 

Faced with a plethora of choices find it really difficult - lets see how it turns out. 


P.S. Thats my 70th post :) and the first post in 2009. 



DT said...

congrats on your 70th Post. I remember.. the feeling i had when I posted my 100th one.. still only 30 to go... I can see you reaching that milestone by March this year...

Vignesh Kumar said...

Hey.. Happy New Year.. :)
And, All the very best..

Prathiba Venkatesan said...

Thanks Vicky :) Happy new year. and thanks for the wishes :)