Friday, November 07, 2008

First publication

Hi All,

My poem got published :) Well it was published only in the SFA magazine of ISB. Still feeling happy to see my words in print :) Something to cheer in troubled times. 

It is an old poem, Utopia, which I had posted about a year back in the blog. 

Glad again :)

Thank you all.



Vignesh Kumar said...

That's coool!
You rock as always.. :)

Prathiba Venkatesan said...

Thanks Vicky :)

Happy to know that you are still visiting my blog :)

Take care. All the best.

Vignesh Kumar said...

I've been regularly reading all your posts :)

Hope things are going good there in ISB.. Take care pa..

Prathiba Venkatesan said...

hey its really nice to know that you have been reading my posts.

I have been regularly visiting your blog as well.

Take care. Hope you have applied this year :)

Peppermint Patty said...

Whoa gurl!!! Keep rocking..... you r a great girl.. Make the most of every inyte here.. esp the part that's left.. Life's short and there's no time to crib abt anything!!!! Life is to be lived, to be celebrated, every step of the way!!!!

Keep writing!!! I've read this one and this is great stuff

Prathiba Venkatesan said...

Thanks again :)

Deepak Kumar Vasudevan said...

Congrats for the publishing and Good Wishes and start writing more poems...